Monday, 5 March 2012

tom n toms coffee @ top ryde shopping centre

There's two places I like to hang out at Top Ryde Shopping centre: one being Oliver Brown (open till late into the night and always great for a Chocolate fix) and the other is Tom n Toms Coffee (or what most people know as Starbuck's knock off - actually I thought Tom n Toms was Starbucks when I first came across their shop in the city) And well there's many reasons why I keep popping back into Tom n Toms. First and foremost would be their Green Tea Tomoccinos, second would be their thick toasts (which I actually have yet to try but always get my attention) and third would have to be a spot of tea and scones which I had this one Saturday afternoon.

Scones with jam and cream and a spot of tea. A range of teas are on offer - my default being English breakfast with the boy opting for a Chrysantheum Tea.

This is how big the scones are.

Take your pick of either Plain or Raisin Scones. My favourite of the two were the raisin ones. There's something about plump raisins inside a scone which make raisins extra tasty.

I've sat here several times now and chatted my afternoons away and the staff there seem to let you sit for as long as you like without disrupting you. A few others bring their laptops but most people who come here seem to come here seem to come here for the same reasons that I do - green tea tomoccinos, thick toast, a spot of tea and scones, all shared with friends and loved ones. And yes, I'm adamant on trying their thick toast - but it is awfully big which is why I never get round to trying it!