Monday, 9 July 2007

kurai @ haymarket

I've probably been here a zillion times but I got to say though, I love this place! I almost always go for the Katsu-Don but the Karage Chicken, Tofu-Don, Takoyaki, and Unagi are also my favourites. Might I add, that's only a few items off their menu; I'm still getting through it. Their udon and curry rice are definitely on my 'to try' list, will update as I get around to trying them.

Where to find it? This extremely small shop is located just opposite Market City. It might be easily missed, especially when lunch hour calls for a queue of people obscuring their front entrance. I've been in a queue everytime I've been here but rest assured that the wait here isn't as long as the wait at Ichiban Boshi up at Galleries (by far!). Like I said, it's an extremely small shop so really, grab your best mate or even just venture in yourself for a quick bite. Prices are so reasonable that you won't believe it!

Miso Soup + Green Tea.

Katsu-Don & Karage Chicken with Sweet Chilli Sauce. Be warned that both are extremely filling.
Salmon Sushi which looked too good to eat! Might add though, one meal per person is already quite enough (J&I struggled to finish this one)
I'd eat here everyday if I could! Staff are generally friendly and food is always awesome! Downside being that you can't really sit here for long and groups of more than 3 people can't really sit down for a meal (considering the shop only has spaces for about 12). There's also the pay when you order system which I've always found a bit strange. I'd rather get my food first before I have to pay (but that's just me though). To avoid the crowds, I recommend visiting before 12 or sometime after 2pm.

Love this place!


Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Do you mean Kura or is there another fantastic Japanese joint I need to be aware of? :) And yes, Kura is crazy crowded, but I love the buzzy little vibe in there

panda said...

lol...I think it's meant to be Kura! (I have a habit of forgetting names). Seriously though, I love this little joint!
fyi..there's a new jap ramen and yakiniku called 'zenya' opening up in eastwood :P