Wednesday, 21 November 2007

rise @ darlinghurst

There's still a good 2 weeks till my birthday but really, isn't that just an excuse to celebrate in the weeks leading up and the weeks after? I think so. So following a tradition which Amy and I have established over the last couple of years, she picked out a restaurant for us to go celebrate at and last week, we found ourselves at Rise in Darlinghurst; an Omakase Japanese Restaurant that served up a most sumptious Japanese degustation!

Arriving at the restaurant, we are offered a choice of two spots; the main area where we had to finish our dinner by 8.15pm OR a dingy (almost back of house) area where we could sit for as long as we'd like. As much as we were going to make a long night out of the occasion, we went for the main area where most people (for good reason) chose to sit.

I'm not sure if the waiter even asked us what we were having (or maybe Amz had sorted that out when she made the booking) but it seemed like most people were there for the degustation. Basically their degustation costs $70 but on a Tuesday & Wednesday, it's a bargain $42 for exactly the same thing. We were there on a Wednesday night.

I can't really remember the names of all the things that we had hence why I ended up taking a photo of the menu (I think it's all on their website) but I got to say, the meal was served to perfection. The waiters/waitresses were attentive, food was superb and I enjoyed each meal down to the raw oyster (which isn't exactly a favourite of mine). I was full but not too full after the courses and actually struggled to finish the one drink I had ordered. Perhaps, they could've done better on the dessert but I loved the Pink Grapefruit Granita too much to worry about the Pannacotta (which I didn't like so much) which sat underneath it.
First Course

Second CourseThird Course

Fourth Course

Fifth Course

Sixth Course


Thanks girl for the awesome dinner. I loved it and will remember it; I feel bad for the shabby b'day dinner which I took you to earlier this year (late as well!). I promise I will make it up to you come your b'day next year! And gosh...I don't even want to say how old we're turning....


Amy said...

i think it's time that we ditch the numbers game. it's so depressing realising how old we're turning each year!

panda said...

hahaha...we're asian...we can get away with looking young even when we're old :D