Tuesday, 11 March 2008

michelangelo pizza & pasta restaurant @ carlingford court

There's been a number of family/ family friend/ relo eating out meals over the last couple of weeks. First my bro came home from his trip away, then a family friend's daughter came to stay, then my cousin crashed over for a day and a bit whilst my aunt and uncle were still in HK, and coupled with that, dad has been choccos at work and dad usually makes the decision as to what we eat. (For some reason or other, he doesn't trust mum's or my cooking. Men!)

This was a Sunday night where dad had decided on Michelangelo's at Carlingford Court; probably one of our closest Italian pizza & pasta restaurants which we've visited on a hanful of occasions. They offer a full a la carte menu in additon to pizza & pasta; I highly recommend their pizza! (Their pizza section is actually set to one side of the shop and there's access just to that section from outside if you only wanted takeaway.)
Calamari Rings.The last 1/2 dozen Kilpatrick Oysters and a Chicken Caesar Salad. Garlic Prawns (I'm not sure why dad likes ordering this one so much). Anyway, I was a bit disappointed at the serving size of this one. You can see, it's tiny and had only a handful of prawns!

The Michelangelo Special. Their pizzas come on a thin base. There's just enough cheese on top to ensure that the flavours in the pizza are not lost.Seafood risotto. I thought this tasted better the last time I had it.I can't remember the name of this one but it was a Mild Chilli, tomato-based pasta - rather disappointing. Garlic & Herb Bread - made on bruschetta bread and quite salty and overpowering in flavour.

Fettucine Boscialo. Love this one!

Whilst getting the number for Michelangelo's to make a booking, I'd actually read through some eatability reviews to see how they'd been doing (given if it was awhile since we'd been). The most recent reviews had not been pleasant; they went along the lines of staff being bipolar, unhelpful and unattentive; hair being found in food, service being slow etc. Fortunately, we had a very attentive waitress who was more than happy to help, there was no hair in our food and despite us seeing the one chef walking around in the kitchen, service was quick and food was decent.

Hmm...I'm getting slightly concerned about my expanding waistline...

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