Thursday, 10 April 2008

sydney royal easter show 2008

After much pushing and shoving (yes and that's a good solid 70+ kg worth), I managed to get J on a train and off to the Easter Show this year. He'd been asking all our friends to see who might join us and failing that, thought he would use the excuse that cause no one was going, why did we have to go? Then there were the complaints that the show was simply too expensive (mind you, I had even offered to pay for his ticket!!), there'd be too many people, it was going to rain...pretty much all the usual and to be expected excuses you would get from a guy!

And well, at the show, it was a totally different story. This guy starts eating Caramelised Macadamias...
Eats most of my waffle... I am chasing the tomato bottle for a photo (had to queue behind some little kids before it was my turn)
The food continues...a Dagwood Dog + Lemonade...
Deep Fried Cheese (so tasty and probably has about 1000 calories in it) + Dagwood dog... that was us sitting on a patch of lawn before it started to rain
Just realised I don't have a photo of the Chicken + Chips Snack Pack which followed the Dagwood Dogs + Deep Fried Cheese but here is J with his German Sausage Hot Dog (which he complained wasn't hot enough despite it being the 'hot' selection on the menu)
And to taunt me, J decides to spend a good amount of time looking at pigeons and imitating them. For the record, birds esp. pigeons really gross me out.

So from looking at photos, I can't say that J disliked the show. If anything, he enjoyed it even more than I did (well at least he ate my share of it!) I can't believe I missed the corn cobs though; was looking forward to that. Anyway, think I'll probably give the show a miss next year (it really is getting expensive and I almost baulked when J totalled the amount of money we had spent - and it wasn't as if we went on the rides or bought stacks of showbags!!)


Joanna said...

that waffle looks decadent!

chocolatesuze said...

heehee cheese on a stick goodness! and no fairy floss?

panda said...

jo: the waffle was misleading, it definitely looked better than it tasted!

suze: i'm so going back for the cheese on a stick but otherwise not a big fan of fairy floss