Saturday, 13 September 2008

dralion + bavarian bier cafe @ entertainment qtr.

This year's Cirque du Soleil performance 'Dralion' was unquestionably remarkable - with the added humour/comedy thrown in throughout that made the show not just spectacular but also entertaining to watch. There was more of a focus on the main acts, less happening in the background (which was a key feature of last year's 'Vareqai') and needless to say, unexpected acts which leave most gaping in awe. Mind you, we were almost tricked into believing that they had pulled someone out of the audience to make fun of them on stage (he ended up being part of the cast!!)

The Cirque Du Soleil Tents.
Myself and M.

After the show, we had dinner just next door - Bavarian Bier Cafe. It's advisable to make a booking as people started queueing up trying to get a table and most were turned away if they hadn't made a booking.

Myself, M and the beers - I should've known better but still insisted on ordering the Lychee beer (one of the 'Ladies' Beers on offer' - J ended up sculling the last half of it cause he didn't want to waste it but man, it was one sweet beer!).
J pretending to be the man that's in the logo on the schooner. I think they look alike!
The Munich Brewers Platter - essentially a tasting platter of all the favourites on their menu. Given we had 2 entertainment cards that entitled us to buy one, get one free - all four of us went for the platter (which is the most expensive main on the menu). Funny moment was when we ordered and had the waitress ask us, 'Are you sure? That's a lot of food.' (We were to find out soon afterwards...)
Group Snap.

Now that I think of it, I should've taken an after shot where we were all holding our stomaches and leaning against the back of the seats trying to breathe. You see... probably a quarter of the way through my platter, I was loosening up my jacket belt, 1/2 the way my movements had started to slow and really, 3/4 of the way I had eaten more than I should've (yet I pushed on and managed to get the plate down to a few scraps . I mean, we had been well warned in advance that there was going to be a lot of food - so strictly it wasn't completely unexpected (and I know better and I probably won't be going back to order the platter unless I'm really really hungry).

And how nice is it that shops at the Entertainment Quarter are open till late?! After dinner it was a little bit of retail therapy and walking off the extra calories before we called it a night.

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