Saturday, 18 October 2008

sugar magic: lesson 24

I finished another term of 'Sugar Magic' (making it my third term) and as of today, being the very last minute person that I am, enrolled in the last term for this year which starts this week. Phew! The class hadn't fill up! This time last year (when I'd first started thinking about doing this course), I'd been a little bit too late and unfortunately, trying to enrol a couple of days before the term started hadn't been such a good idea. Well a year later, I can't say a whole lot about me has changed; maybe just a little lucky but well, let's say that Sugar Magic has kept me going back.

My third term was spent making Calla Lilies, Jonquils, Devil's Claw, Correa (unassembled) & one rather disastrous Hibiscus. The Hibiscus (top right) belongs to a fellow classmate who kindly offered it to me cause mine kept falling apart.
The Calla Lilies & the Devil's Claw were my favourite. The devil's claw consists of at least 20 individual flowers which took me a solid couple of hours to make individually, colour and then assemble. I still think it's the prettiest flower of them all despite all the hard work that went into making it.

This term actually went rather quickly - almost so that there actually wasn't enough time to finish all the bits and pieces in class. toolbox seems to have grown a little and yes, I bought another box of pastels. The box of 24 just didn't seem to have enough colours! Anyway, back again for another term and woah, it's been an entire year - can't believe how quickly time has flown!


Joanna said...

pretty! Canna lilies looks so real!

panda said...

hehe..thank you! you should see the ones made by the teacher - they look even more real!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

dear panda
loved your sugarcraft work..neat and nice..good visual impact.First time on your blog and i desire to visit again and again.

panda said...

anamika - thanks for the compliment! i've only started sugar craft this year and am slowly getting better. hopefully you'll see more sugarcraft work from me :)