Saturday, 24 January 2009

adriano zumbo cafe chocolat (again)

With memories of our last visit still fresh in our minds, J&I were a little more prepared this time round visiting Zumbo's - we possibly triple checked our wallets to make sure we had enough money for all the food that we were going eat (J definitely didn't want a repeat of last time and I'm sure, had we repeated the events of last time, he would've left me sitting at the shop and never come back; it could've been embarrassing!)

Our toasted sandwiches, an Iced Chocolate (Dark) and and Iced Coffee. To be honest, I would call the Iced Chocolate and Iced Coffee 'frappes' - they're not your average Iced Chocolate and Iced Coffee.
I was definitely having dessert but thought to order the one to share between the two of us. J was a bit more adventurous and the Ricotta Pancakes with Berry Coulis and Passionfruit Cream on the blackboard had caught his attention. OMG - how fluffy and delicious are these pancakes! They're well complimented by the berries and passionfruit cream! Tops!
This was the dessert I had my eye on: PARIS - La Vie En Rose. Had been reading about it across a couple of blogs and was eager to try. Is it just me or is the Strawberry Sago Milkshake lacking volume? I swear I saw it on another blog and the glass was much more full! Anyway, so I was thinking that we couldn't finish the desserts after our lunch of sandwiches but this was quickly gobbled up (all except for the rose petals - are these meant to be eaten?) The rose macaroon was really quite lovely!
Some goodies for home: The Miss Marple Cheesecake (my favourite cheesecake in the world!), Charlotte Full and Wheely Wildly Wendy. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a fatty - only the cheesecake out of the three seemed to hit the spot. This time I also tried Zumbo's savouries - a Quite Pat and a Quiche Charlie (scrumptious like his cakes and ended up being a satisfying dinner for mum and me one night when dad couldn't be bothered cooking.)

I find that a trip to Zumbo's every now and then really lifts my moods and stops me from being cranky and annoyed at nothing (a true sign that I'm getting old). And well, didn't get to see the man himself this time (which undoubtedly would've left me with a big grin on my face; and possibly drool down the side of my mouth!) but I'd say next time, I'll buy a few more cakes to keep me going through the week/s till my next visit - Zumbo's cakes have a habit of getting gobbled up very quickly!

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