Sunday, 5 August 2007

pancakes @ darling harbour

It's definitely been awhile since J&I have been out eating. Not too sure why...just busy? Anyhow, after weeks/months of staying in and eating, we managed to find some time today to visit Pancakes @ Darling Harbour. It's probably nothing new for most people, given that it's been open for awhile now. We were clearly new to it all and could barely contain the excitement that this Pancakes is actually a lot more convenient to get to compared to the one at the Rocks! Woohoo!

Anyways, en route to Pancakes, we saw this. A carpark...albeit for some nice, shiny and probably expensive boats. J started daydreaming about retirement and owning an expensive, flashy boat.
Just in time, we grabbed the last booth at Pancakes and watched the queue form at the door. Can I say, it was a massive booth for two, and J was close to reclining on his side as soon as we were seated. Time to peruse over the menu and decide what to eat!

I do not recommend the Lemon Ice Tea.
We were both ravenous and decided on savoury meals, with the intention of sharing a sweet pancake at the end. J had the Ribeye (yum but tastes dry at the end cause it doesn't come with any sauce) and I went for the Beef Ribs (I've had it a number of times now but still not quite sick of it. Possibly the best beef ribs I've tried and consistently good!)


A steak and a beef rib later, we didn't manage to get to the sweet pancake. Darn, and we had the entertainment voucher also!! Sigh, a trip to Pancakes really isn't complete without a sweet pancake. The Jaffa Chocolate pancake looked so good too!!


char said...

i didn't know it was open ! must have not ventured around sydney enough these days :$

panda said...

let me know when you're free! you, albert, justin and myself can go there for a feast!

Monique said...

I'm new in town but have already heard about this restaurant. I can't wait to go and try out one of their pancakes!