Monday, 3 September 2007

'sweet temptations' @ carlton gardens, melbourne

It took more than a month to plan this trip (a trip that lasted a mere 2 and a bit days)...banking on the fact that my coz didn't have a soccer match, trying to convince my aunt and uncle that it was ok for a 14 year old to miss 15 minutes of school on a Monday morning, convincing that my coz that he should be good else my uncle would cancel the trip completely...but we made it! The reasons for going may seem a little silly (I've had mum laugh at me) but the trip was well worth it in the end! Thanks for an awesome trip little coz!

My little coz and I waiting for a Virgin Blue flight that ended up being delayed 2 hrs.
Finally arriving in Melbourne, we went out and about and found ourselves in 'The Chocolate Box' at Crown Casino. My little coz was tempted to buy that lollipop.
Takeaway Supper @ a rather impressive cake shop. Massive slices of cake @ very reasonable prices!
The reason for visiting Melbourne: 'The Sweet Temptation Expo'. An expo of chocolates, icecream and all things sweet and pretty. I'd never thought in my life would I be sick of sweets but after 15 minutes of gorging on one too many samples, I was starting to feel a little queasy. Thanks to the random tea shop at the expo which settled my stomach. Crapapple Bakery, I didn't get to eat you! sigh...
My favourite cake on display at the expo!
Following the expo were some rather scrumptious meals. Here's what we had at a place called Curry Vault for dinner. Arguably the best Indian food I've ever tasted! Yummmeeee!
The best mango lassi ever!
On Sunday, we ventured into Chinatown where my aunt introduced us to this place called 'Yang Dao Fu'. Basically you pick 6 pieces of 'yang dao fu', choose your noodle and soup base, put them together and you have one delicious and satisfying meal. I had mine with a Spinach noodle and a tom yum soup base. Delicious I tell you! Might I add, I was sweating profusely after finishing my bowl.
Meet Albert Stone; a rather impressive human rock statue.
Last meal in Melbourne was The Meat & Wine Co. just downstairs from where we were staying. The ribs were massive!

I must say, a very different trip to Melbourne compared to the one I made earlier this year. One that involved a lot of food, crazy jam packed days, and the company of a 14 year old. Little coz, you rock! Keep being that cool dude that you are.


Amy said...

those ribs looked massive!!! did you eat all that by yourself???

chocolatesuze said...

aw so jealous! i loooove melbourne! all the random cafes and food mmm