Sunday, 17 January 2010

wok noodle bar @ willoughby rd., crows nest

A few of my weekends in December were spent either in Crows Nest/St. Leonards. I can't remember the reasons exactly but it was either spending time in Victoria's Basement finalising the Christmas shopping or idling in The Essential Ingredient, debating which colour the Kitchen Aid food processor looked better in. And no, I haven't bought myself a Kitchen Aid food processor, though I'd like to and the I think it does look nice in Cream. Need to do some saving up!

So in amongst the loitering in Crows Nest, J&I stopped by for lunch at Wok Noodle Bar on Willoughby Road. J has been quite good lately and reminding me to pick out vouchers from the Entertainment book when we go out and Wok Noodle Bar happened to be in there with a 25% off voucher.

Pad Thai (chicken & prawn) @ $13.50.
Coco chill noodle (seafood) @ $13.50 - mild chilli & creamy noodle dish with big rice sheet noodle, egg and vegetables. The creamy chilli sauce is almost like a curry and the big rich sheets soak it up, leaving you with quite a heavy dish. You can probably share this one between two.
Given we had the voucher, we added a Thai Beef Salad @ $7.50 to share. The ingredients in this salad were fresh and reminded me of my trip to Thailand last year!
I really enjoyed lunch and thought it was a bargain with the Entertainment book voucher. Even without the voucher, the prices are reasonable, the servings are large and service is quick and friendly. Whilst we were there, people were coming in and out, eating in, grabbing takeaway. From what I could tell, it seems like a popular place with the locals.

Anyway, check it out and see what you think. If anyone has a Kitchen Aid food processor, do tell me what you think? I'm keen to see if it's worthwhile getting one.


Anonymous said...

That looks very reasonably priced especially with the Entertainment book. I haven't bought one in years but I remember hurriedly trying to use up the vouchers in the months before expiry hehe!

panda said...

nqn - i'm usually like that too! might actually give next year's book a miss, i've tried most of the places i want to try now so the book isn't as good value.