Monday, 8 February 2010

navigator brasserie @ rhodes shopping centre

Back in my uni days, I used to work at Rhodes Shopping Centre. I was probably there for 2 years and in that time, got to know a lot of the people working in the centre. Strangely enough, one of the girls that worked at the Newsagent @ Rhodes is a girl I work with now in my current job. Small world I say! Anyway, across from the coffee shop I used to work at was this place - Navigator Brasserie. In my whole life of working at Rhodes, I never stepped foot in this place so a few years on (actually Australia Day a few weeks ago), I finally got to try them for the first time.

My Chicken burger - a most decent feed and well worth what you pay for it. Definitely not as a juicy as the burgers from The Counter but this is a trusty, old-fashioned type of burger that is made to satisfy.
J goes for the Beef Burger (which is that extra bit of naughty with the slices of bacon). The boy was satisfied but still thinks The Counter is better.
It was slightly pricey with the surcharge cause of the Public Holiday but food was great and service was attentive. Noticed one of the waitresses had a 'Blackbird Cafe' uniform on - made me wonder whether these guys are part of Blackbird Cafe but in hindsight, could be that the girl was just starting that day or running two jobs. When it comes to food and anything related to food, I probably think too much.

There's outdoor seating here and not being a fan of outdoor seating in general, I actually wouldn't have minded if we sat outside. There's a peace and calm about Rhodes Shopping Centre which makes outdoor seating ok. Anyway, will definitely come back here to try their pizzas and pastas - have heard they're meant to be good!


missklicious said...

Oh man, I could sure go for a massive burger right about now! The chips look good too.

Betty said...

chips look like they could do with alot of chicken salt on top ;)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I'd get a bit confused by the un-matching uniform too! What were the other waitstaff wearing?

Anonymous said...

I love huge burgers! It's like my inner carnivore speaking! And your chocolate berry muffins are singing to me right now. :)

panda said...

missklicious - i could always do with a burger! and yep, the chips here were ok.

betty - agree! i love chicken salt!

mademoiselle delicieuse - all the other staff were just in a black top + black pants. ah well, the girl probably worked two jobs :)

vickys - i do love a good burger. the counter in crows nest is probably my favourite. and lol, glad you like the chocolate berry muffins ;)

Anonymous said...

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