Wednesday, 16 November 2011

jamie's italian @ pitt st., sydney

There's been a good couple of reviews for Jamie's Italian across the blogosphere and if you haven't been to Jamie's Italian, suggest you stop reading now and actually make your way over there. Mashi and I headed over there on a Friday night, thinking that dinner service opened at 6pm but arriving at the restaurant, realised that the queue was already forming and the inside of the restaurant was nearly at full capacity. We joined the line and were kindly explained the waiting times - they were 30 minutes for 2 people, an hour for 4 and 1.5 hours or more for groups bigger than 4. Our wait was much shorter than expected; maybe 15 minutes and yay, we were inside!

There's plenty on the menu to tantalise the tastebuds and does take a bit of time to look through. We ordered a single serve of the Meat Antipasto to start whilst we decided on the rest of the menu. How cute are the cans of tomato holding up the antipasto platter!

We were both eager to try as many things on the menu but unfortunately only got around a small selection. A serving of arancini balls which comes with a tangy chilli salsa and a dusting of parmesan cheese was certainly a good choice (only thing is that there's only three of them in that can, you'd think there'd be at least four).

An entree serve of Mushroom Ravioli; packed with flavour and full of mushroomy goodness.

Veal Saltimbocca and a serve  of Posh Chips (chips dusted with truffle and parmesan cheese; a match made in heaven).

Our waiter that night was very pleasant (and cute too!) so made the meal very enjoyable. It did get quite noisy as the meal progressed (music definitely got a bit louder) so finishing the meal, it just made sense to vacate our table and move on. Mind you, there was still a queue standing outside when we finished.

Yes I'll be coming back but probably not too soon; might just wait for the crowds to die down. Our lovely waiter did let us in on the fact that the very Jamie Oliver is due for a visit to the restaurant next February - might save my visit for then!


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joey@FoodiePop said...

Hopefully the queues will down die once the hype switches to another eatery. I really want to try the spag bol one lunchtime but I hate queues. LOL

mashi said...

Geez you're quick! It was a very pleasant meal and I'd go again and again to try other dishes we couldn't fit in last time :)

Kazzie said...

if anyone wants to try avoid queues at jamie's do try to avoid days later on in the week. best times would be monday to wednesday from 11 to 12, or late lunch (i.e. 2pm). for dinners try round up 6 or more people for a booking to avoid the queue =).. i only had to wait once out of the 4 or 5 times i've been already and it was a maximum of 10 minute wait

Kazzie said...

try going monday to wednesday before noon, or after 1:30pm.. avoid dinner times (i.e. 5pm onwards) unless you make a booking as they expect a minimum of 1 hour wait for all tables =) ive been there 4-5 times so far and i only had to wait once and it was only for 10 minutes