Sunday, 19 August 2012

yogurberry @ railway pde., eastwood

Admittedly I've been a little slow to catch on to the frozen yoghurt phase that has swept Sydney. It was just the other week that mum was telling me that that two places selling frozen yoghurt had opened up in Eastwood; and only just metres away from each other too! And well who could resist; with bright pink neon signage alerting us that they were open for business, the boy and I stopped by Yogurberry to check in on all the hype.

For their first week, Yogurberry in Eastwood were offering 50% off their standard prices. It was a pretty good deal considering after filling up my container with all the frozen yoghurt flavours I wanted to try and the corresponding toppings, this little baby weighed in at $7.90 and I was even in the midst of finding enough spare change in my wallet till I realised that I was reading the wrong price (yes, sometimes I can be a little bit of a dope!)

The pricing is worked out based on the weight of the frozen yoghurt and the toppings. As you walk in the store, you pick up the size of container you're after, top it up with frozen yoghurt followed by the topping and then pay when you're happy with your selection.

There's ample seating at the Eastwood store so if you're not in a hurry, it's quite a nice place to sit and hang with friends. Lately the boy and I have found it quite hard to get a spare moment to ourselves so was glad to sit down and enjoy this one (though it did get a little cold eating frozen yoghurt in the middle of winter).

My favourite frozen yoghurt had to be the Taro (even though it didn't really go with anything else we'd picked, I still loved it). There were 6 flavours on offer the night we went but now that I think about it, I wonder if they rotate the flavours otherwise you can pretty much try it all in the one go with no real need to go back. Also, I'm not too sure about the pricing after the special, do people really pay $7.90 for a small container of frozen yoghurt?

Anyway, will get around to try the other place and report back on which one is better!


Sophie @ TeaThyme said...

I've tried the same brand in World Square a few times already. It's an okay froyo place, I'm yet to try others like Moochi and Twisted soon. Been a fan of froyo since a trip to the US :)

Excuse Me Waiter said...

Taro froyo! Very interesting flavour...I really like the look of the Eastwood Yogurberry store with all the bright lights too :)