Saturday, 22 June 2013

the thai place restaurant @ beecroft rd., epping

I love those days when you don't know what to eat, you wander into the closest restaurant and end up having a awesome meal. The Thai Place in Epping is where we found ourselves one Saturday lunchtime and no doubt will be back for a feed. If you're after tasty and cheap Thai food, look no further!

We ordered off their lunch menu (which is a limited version of their full dinner menu). Every meal comes with a free entree - in our case, our choice of a curry puff each was indeed very tasty.

My all-time favourite Pad Thai. Did you know that in the Thai language, this translates to 'Fried Thai'?

My number one dining companion.

Pork Spicy & Basil Noodle might just be my next all time-favourite Thai noodle. Perfectly spicy and just that little bit different with pork.

Their dinner menu is actually a lot more extensive so will need to report back when I pay them a visit. If you're keen, their menu is on their website here:

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matt @ planmb said...

that dining companion of yours is one handsome man