Wednesday, 29 October 2014

bondi pizza @ top ryde shopping centre

For the third time in just as many weeks, we find ourselves at the newly opened Bondi Pizza at Top Ryde Shopping Centre. We took one of our friends here when they were visiting from overseas, then my brother came back from HK and picked this place and before you know it, it was my B.I.Ls birthday and he also picked this place to celebrate. Seems like everyone is keen to give this place a go.

So having been three times, you do get to see the appeal of this place. All of the menu items are designed to share, plenty of seating for both big and small groups, the restaurant itself is neatly decked out without being over the top, meals are quick to get to the table and the service is consistent. As for the food, there's a mecca of items to bring you back and so far, all the items we've tasted have failed to disappoint.

Our side of wedges and meatballs. Still haven't quite worked out what that brown sauce is that they serve with the meatballs (I eat it anyway, as I do).

Our choice of pizzas: Chorizo and Prawn plus the Sicilian.

One will note that they've gone down the route of serving the food on the wooden boards which is very hipster in my eyes but often not very functional when you start to see the boards split from overuse and overwashing. When seated at a table of 4, you really need to eat your sides/starters first otherwise there's no way you can fit more than 4 of these boards on the table along with the cutlery and plates.

If you don't manage to finish your meal, you can get it takeaway boxes to take home though to be honest, the pizzas (being on a thin crust) dried out in the fridge very quickly and didn't look too appealing to eat the next day. Best to finish it off there when you eat in.

I'm guessing there's a high chance we'll be back here soon for our next event!

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