Sunday, 16 November 2008

garfish @ holtermann st., crows nest

For a change, I suggested to J 'Let's go for brunch, it'll be cheaper than lunch' and as to where 'How about Garfish? We've been talking about going for ages'. J kindly agreed and I woke up bright and early on Saturday in anticipation of brekkie/brunch at Garfish in Crows Nest. It's about a 20-30 minute drive from where I live and well, to some it might seem like a bit of a trek for a bit of breakfast but well, I don't mind it all too much (especially when you know there's good food to be had that 20-30 minutes later).

Seated outside, we ordered our mugs of Flat White to kick start our day. J was surprised at how big it was (he's not a big coffee fan) but for me, it was just the perfect cup - the smaller cups just don't do it for me. I think J thinks I'm a bit of a coffee addict and ever so subtlely, he'll give me a talk about how it's such an expensive habit and that he doesn't think it's good to drink too much. The way I see it, it's got milk, it's got calcium, it can't be that bad.
The meals took a little while to get to the table (during which time I aw-ed and ah-ed at the dog at the next table that just couldn't sit still - so cute!). I'd ordered the Kipper's Florentine - the poached eggs were arguably the best that I've ever had!
J goes for the Garfish Breakfast (a sizeable feed) which comes with sourdough toast.
Sourdough toast with a generous serving of butter..mmm...
I look better in this photo than I did for the rest of the day. After breakfast, tiredness (could have something to do with waking early) swept over and I started to fall asleep in the car (much to J's amusement). Well, there was a lot of food!
Seems like Garfish is quite a popular place with the locals - from those with their dogs, those in their gym/walking gear, friends meeting up for coffee, young couples and old, the place filled up from the time we sat down (which was probably close to 10am, breakfast is served till 11am). I'd actually come here wanting to try their belgian waffles (but J thought it wasn't a proper breakfast and unfortunately, despite me thinking I could fit it in after breakfast, I really couldn't and had to give it a miss). It worked out to be about $22.50 per person which I wouldn't call cheap for breakfast but I do commend the place for it's friendly service (we had a very attentive waiter), food was excellent and the cafe/restaurant is set is a rather comfortable and relaxing part of Crows Nest which makes you want to live there. Metered parking is available just outside but you're better off trying the next street where you can get all day parking for free (and with a big breakfast, you're better off doing some walking anyway).


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

''it's got milk, it's got calcium, it can't be that bad'' .... Totally agree ! :D

panda said...

bean sprout - i'm glad you agree with me!

char said...

i love the village-like feel of crows nest !

and despite all this food consumption, i think you look thinner in that photo? anyway it's a nice photo of you :)

Anonymous said...

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Keep up the great work!