Sunday, 5 April 2009

aj's indian restaurant @ balaclava rd., eastwood

If you're from the area, you might know that AJ's has consistently won numerous local dining awards and after visiting, you are more than likely to agree that this place offers fantastic food; great service and is a place well worth visiting and is well deserving of its notable mentions. At some point in my life, I actually tried to apply for a job here but was turned down. Oh well, I'm more than happy just to be a diner although mum seems to love reminding me of the time that I was turned down. Anyways...

A complimentary entree. I'm not quite sure what this was but it was one complimentary ball of tastiness.
Mango Lassies are a must when having Indian food! (well I think so anyway)
The 'Seekh' meaning skewer - basically a spicy lam kebab cooked on a skewer.
I remember one of these being the Lamb Roganjosh - the other seems to have slipped my memory. We ordered two naans - one being the cheese naan which got served after the first garlic naan was finished. The manager was our waiter and was quite insistent that food should only be served a certain way and that cheese naans should be eaten whilst hot. What a lovely manager!
For dessert, I chose the Almond & Fig Kulfi - quite an interesting taste which could've done without the chocolate dressing on the plate.

Our waiter/the manager was by our table and pretty much all other tables throughout the night. He's a lovely man who has much to say about his restaurant but even more so about good food. His smile and laugh is contagious and his advice is well worth listening to - he managed to talk us out of ordering too much food (or rather, he insisted we had ordered too much food even before we'd finished ordering!) I love it when waiters are honest. AJ's is well worth a try!


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

looks great, you have tried many good indian food.. I still haven't (except the one next to my house)

Might find friends who like indian food to try one day :)

panda said...

i actually quite like indian food but it's one of those foods which you can only eat once in awhile - it's a bit too much when you eat it too often (all the dishes, even the sides, are so heavy!)

and if you can't find anyone to go try with you, count me in!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

hehe.....thanks. it would be great to have dinner with you. Have I ever told u? U r one of my inspiration to study in LCB :)

panda said...

well you've graduated! i've just done basic patisserie, would really like to go back and finish the rest of the courses but now that i've started work, i'm not sure when that'll be.

yep yep! let's organise dinner sometime! is there any place you want to try? add me on facebook - we can organise easier there - just search for my name 'jenny ip'.