Friday, 10 April 2009

budget thai

I probably sound like a broken record and yes, I probably will say it again in the posts to follow, but thai food can be so incredibly tasty and cheap! And it's not just the one type of food - it's a whole range of foods although soup noodles and your fried noodles are probably the most commonly found. Here's what we had for our first lunch in Thailand.

Thai Iced Coffee & Thai Iced Tea. I love a strong coffee but I have to say, I discourage anyone from drinking Thai Iced Coffee at night (unless you're planning to stay up for most of it - which is what I found out later on in the trip after ordering Thai Iced Coffee with almost every meal). I find Thai Iced Tea's a bit too sweet for my liking.
Fish Ball noodles - we found this one everywhere and to be honest, you can't go wrong with a bowl of fish ball noodles!
Fried dumplings - my favourite.
I ordered the Chicken Rice which is very different to the Hainanese Chicken Rice which we get here in Sydney.  My guess is that the chicken in this one is stewed but tastes great with fresh coriander and fresh cut chilli.

At a glance, servings may look small (and yes, they are smaller than servings you'll see here in Sydney) but trust me, they will fill you up. And well, in the case that you're not quite full, you can always order a second round and be pleased to know that you still aren't out of pocket from that extra meal. I can't remember what we paid for this meal but really, it was one in many of the tasty and cheap meals we had in Thailand.


Joanna said...

oh! does that really work? maybe i should try thai iced coffee next time (i find that i still sleep like a pig whether i drink tea or coffee).

panda said...

hahaha! from what i can gather, thai iced coffee is made from a lot of nescafe and topped with evaporated milk, then sweetened with sugar syrup. lucky you that you've got a stronger tolerance to coffee than i do, i love drinking coffee but always regret it when i drink it at night time.