Thursday, 18 June 2009


When I said I'd be back, I wasn't lying. Sweetness - The Patisserie is one of my new loves and when it came to the weekend and mum said that the rest of the family were coming over, I took it upon myself to supply that night's desserts. More excitingly, my last post had attracted the attention of the lovely Chef Gena (owner of Sweetness) who left me a comment and I was keen to head into the shop and say hello.

So again on a Saturday, I headed over to Epping, found the exact same spot outside the shop to park and met Chef Gena from Sweetness. Fortunately, I had J with me again so I wasn't as nervous walking into the shop and asking for the Chef. The lady who I spoke to first did look surprised when I asked for the chef but not a second had passed, and Chef Gena hears her name and comes over with a bright smile. I can't stress how lovely she is; she's been trying to help me and Ja meet up (which hopefully will happen sometime) and talking to her, she was grateful for the feedback that I'd given her and before you know it, the next minute J&I were both being offered slices of the Chai Loaf that was on sale that day.

We talked about her shop and her cakes, I found out a bit more about Ja, she explained to the two other girls how Ja and I knew each other (which can be a bit of a mouthful) and with her recommendation, I left the store with the following bag of goodies:
This is the Chai Loaf that Ja was recommending. It was moist and full of flavour and even if you're not that big a fan of chai, you'll love it if you try it! There was only a small slice left over on the next day and it tasted as if it had come straight out of the oven - it remained moist and admittedly, I was a little sad to see the last of it go into my mouth. 
I started grabbing at bits and pieces in the shop until Chef Gena pointed me to the sample pack ($16.50). Here you have nougat, toffee, caramel and assorted marshmallows. How pretty everything is!
From the selection on the counter, I got myself another Chocolate Brownie, the Rocky Road (which is very very good! Chef Gena showed us the 2.2kg rocky road block that she'd made as a special order for someone's birthday - J's mouth was watering!), lemon & coconut slice and a ginger & almond slice (which my uncles/aunts though tasted like the filling in the thousand year old egg pastries which I thought was quite bizarre).
To top the day off, Chef Gena sent me home with a free pack of biscuits. She was appreciative of the feedback I gave in my last post and hoped that I would enjoy this new batch. And well, I can definitely say that this batch tasted lovely (they were some same, some different biscuits to the ones I bought last time) and omg, the florentine biscuits taste so good!

All night, I kept telling all my uncles and aunts about Gena and I think people were starting to get sick of me. At some point during the night, mum starts telling me 'You're so silly. You're so happy over a pack of biscuits'. Well, I was and I'm not too shy to admit it!

Thanks Chef Gena!


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Wowwwww, you bought so many things! I like ginger & almond slice, it is like biscuit acutally.. I like making it aswell.. lots of butter..haha

Oh and your new pack of biscuits.. I remember, I remember... the poppyseeds were the one I piped the icing sugar for decoration.. very tired cuz the tube is very small and the icing was getting hard..haha

Last tuesday I tried Ginger and pumpkin loaf.. soooo nice, I wanna buy also.. not sure when chef will make it again, if you see it, don't miss it :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic looking haul. I've heard so much about Sweetness but have yet to visit!

panda said...

beansprout - i did buy a few things :P but i still need to go back to try everything and now that you tell me about the ginger and pumpkin loaf, i want to try that too! and wow, i didn't realise that the ginger & almond slice would have that much butter in doesn't taste like it!

nqn - try to get there soon! and yes, when cakes are involved, i have trouble exercising self control!

Joanna said...

one of my high school friends live in oxford street in epping so I might drop in next time I visit her. The Chai Loaf looks good! How much is it?

panda said...

jo - the loaves are $10 each. ja tells me they change daily so hopefully you'll be there on the right day.