Sunday, 6 September 2009

dumplings plus @ swanston st., melbourne

It was our last day in Melbourne, the skies opened up and it poured. Trying to stay out of the rain, we spent most of the day checking out the shops at Central and come lunch time, KT joined us for our last Melbourne lunch. There wasn't much time till we had to head back to the hotel to check out so lunch ended up being at Dumplings Plus, just down the road from Central.

As it's name would suggest, the place serves up dumplings (in all its varieties and forms). Noodles also feature on their menu and our lunch ended up being a mixture of the two. I absolutely love dumplings and noodles would definitely follow closely behind.

Spicy Pork Mince Noodles. Love how thick the soup is but probably not all that healthy for you.
Xiao Long Bao aka Pork Dumplings. These were tasty and held a good dollop of hot soup inside them but notice how thick the skins were. I actually quite like dumpling skin more than I do the filling so I definitely had no issues with this one.
They forgot about our order of handcut noodles but once we reminded them, the order came to the table in a matter of minutes. Disappointedly, these handcut noodles tasted like big strands of dumpling skin which whilst I'm a big fan of it, I wouldn't exactly call these noodles.
Bye bye KT - till next time!

For a Chinese restaurant, the decor of Dumplings Plus is surprisingly modern and cleancut. Our waiter was particularly attentive and whilst the owner/manager might seem to loiter around watching the tables, I'm sure he means no harm and at no point were we hurried to leave. Whilst we were there, the tables around us were all full so I'm sure that speaks for itself. Meal was inexpensive and was an ideal place to grab a quick lunch.

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