Friday, 12 February 2010

wood & stone wood fired pizza @ crown st., surry hills

It doesn't make sense for shops to be closed on a Sunday. There's so many other days in the week where shopowners can take a day off but why of all days, choose Sunday when most people don't have work? So it seems that I had to learn it the hard way that Peter's of Kensington is shut on a Sunday. Drove all the way there (a good 40 minutes) and greeted by a closed door. Argh!

So Peter's of Kensington aside, the trip out to Kensington was accompanied by a nice lunch on Crown Street. There were a number of places to choose and this the one we picked - Wood & Stone Wood Fired Pizza. Planning to only have a quick bite, the 1 hour parking spots just outside suited us fine (there were a handful of spots for a Sunday afternoon - definitely much better than a Friday or Saturday night!)

Potato Wedges with Sweet Chilli Sauce & Sour Cream. The sprinkling of parsley was actually a nice accompliment - an edible garnish!
A half-half pizza - Kangaroo & Peking Duck. Whoever came up with peking duck pizza, you are a genius! Loved it and wood definitely have it again.

Pizza and wedges was ample to feed two. We each ordered a drink and J contemplated the beers which he thought was really, really cheap. Food came quickly to the table and whilst tables around us started to fill up (despite it being after 2pm), the one waitress had the whole floor under control. When we went to pay, the bill hardly made a dent to our wallets which really impressed me for the quality of the food and the service you get here.

I guess the nice lunch softened the disappointment/frustration that Peter's of Kensington was shut (as that was our next stop). Ah well, I guess I need to go on a Saturday next time!


A cupcake or two said...

Peking Duck Pizza. I want some of that. The pizza looks great. You asked how I poached the eggs on my recent post. I normally do the normal water vinegar way. You should look at Not Quite Nigellas post on poached eggs. Its a great post and youll be guaranteed perfect poached eggs everything.

chocolatesuze said...

mmm i have a super big craving for wedges now! happy cny dude!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Well, when you go to Peter's again at least you know there's a nice place nearby to grab a bite! =p

Belle@Ooh, Look said...

Peking duck pizza?!? I am there! And it's a shame about Peters of Kensington being shut on Sunday; I usually buy online so I wouldn't have realised either.

Amy @ said...

I found myself in the smae situation after lunch at Bitton Gourmet. I felt like visiting a kitchenware shop and Peters of Kensington was nearby. We drove there and it was CLOSED!!! I was bitterly disappointed and suddenly tired. So we went home. grrrr.

Peking duck pizza must have been invented for fabulous foodies like us!

Sarah A said...

Good to know about this place - will keep in in mind for next time I want a good feed before heading out!

Joey said...

oh oh.. had the peking duck pizza before.. its yummy. =)
we visit so many of the same places im surprised we havent bumped into each other yet. hehe.
too bad about peters of kensington.i hate it when that happens.

panda said...

a cupcake or two - i can't get enough of peking duck and how convenient to find it on a pizza :) re. poached eggs, i've done it the vinegar way before but still get a messy poached egg. did read not quite nigella's post so will definitely give that a go.

chocolatesuze - wedges are awesome, so are chips and anything potato! happy cny to you too!

mademoiselle delicieuse - yeah i wasn't too upset, it ended up being a good day to go out and try some new food!

belle - yep yep, peking duck pizza! and yeah, i think i might try and shop online, save the drive out to kensington.

amy - it just didn't cross my mind that peter's of kensington would be shut on a sunday. ah well, like belle says, might be easier if i just shop online. and mmm...peking duck pizza!

sarah a - glad you find this post handy! they have a lot more different combos of pizzas so hopefully you enjoy this place as much as i did.

joey - next time you eat out and see some girl at the next table with a camera, that's probably me :)