Monday, 1 February 2010

lychee jelly

After reading Suze's post, I had it in the back of my head to go look for this Aeroplane 'Create-a-Jelly' and whilst idling in the supermarket one day (as I do more often than not), I picked up 2 packs to give it a go. If you haven't read Suze's post, do encourage that you do as she's been a bit more adventurous than me and has tried a few different flavours. I ended up deciding on a lychee jelly.

Ingredients - 2 packs of Aeroplane 'Create-a-Jelly' and 1 can of lychees.
How it works is that you add to each pack of jelly the required amount of boiled water and your chosen juice or flavour. I can't remember exactly what the volume was but my 2 packs of jelly worked with that 1 can of lychees. This is probably the perfect recipe if you're planning to make a dessert and haven't had time to check the exact quantities that you need. Note that with the lychees, you'll need to use up all the juice in the can (so don't start straining it).
I made my jellies in these moulds I had sitting at home. A lesson I learnt is that make sure you've got the bottoms firmly tightened on (else you'll have the case of the disappearing jelly and a wet bench - my dad was fascinated with what I was doing for awhile until the jelly was running over the bench and he just shook his head). And yep, one of our moulds is jumbo sized!!
The jelly probably looks better in the pic above where they're in their colourful moulds. After refrigerating, I tried to unmould and here's what they looked like - jelly was stuck to the sides. Mum reckons it was cause the jelly wasn't quite firm enough (i.e. I had too much liquid in it).
Ugly jellies or not, these tasted great and were super easy to make. I know jelly isn't hard to make at all but I think Aeroplane have done a good job with this 'Create-a-Jelly'; it actually works and it's not expensive. Anyway, I've already started thinking of some flavours I'll get around to - Longan, Pineapple. Mum was thinking Coconut. Typing this post and drinking my can of Grass Jelly, I'm thinking that Grass Jelly might work too or how about a can of green tea? I'll keep you posted!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Green tea jelly could be interesting, as long as there's not too much bitter aftertaste. And you may want to investigate gelatin-based recipes as I believe the control is better for the resulting 'firmness'.

Anonymous said...

Yum! I love lychee jelly! :D The possibilities are endless with all the flavours too :)

mashi said...

Looks yummy and easy to make. I'm stopping by an asian grocery shop tonight to grab a can of lychee to make this =)

missklicious said...

I love lychee! And the ideas for flavours are endless!

Von said...

Lychee jelly sounds good- does it taste like the packaged ones which come in little cups?

Betty said...

oh i bought some asian store jelly and lychee at the shops 2 wksa ago and totally forgot abt it!

thanks for reminding me, might make some tonight hehe

panda said...

mademoiselle delicieuse - mum's bought another two packs so green tea jelly here i come!

nqn - i love lychees and this jelly is really quite tasty :)

mashi - do let me know how you go!

missklicious - same here, lychee is probably one of my favourite fruits. very similar to lychee (and which i also quite like) is the longan so might give that one a go

von - my one turned out just slightly firm so definitely not as hard as the premade ones you buy from the supermarket. and plus i also used a lot of lychee to jelly mix, it was definitely a lot more flavoursome.

betty - it's definitely the weather for making jelly. good thing is you can eat a lot of jelly without having to feel too guilty :)