Sunday, 13 May 2007

revival of the jaffle

Seems like full-time work is occupying much more of my time than I thought it would so at this stage, the cake decorating course I had my eye on is put on hold. As for home baking, that hasn't been happening much either owing to a number of reasons, namely that I'm feeling awfully pudgy from sitting on my bum for prolonged periods and that I really, really have the worse eating habits and the sweetest tooth. There's also been a few other things which have caught my eye lately which I think I should be doing so that I don't go brain dead from the monotony of work (I've been listening to everyone's advice!) just that I'm still in the process of figuring out how full-time work actually lets anyone have a life. Or maybe it's just me procrastinating about life on the whole.

That aside, Happy Mother's Day to my mum and every lovely mum out there. We had an extremely food-filled family bbq at home and it was awesome to see everyone who turned up. Anyway, whilst shopping for mum's present yesterday, J had the sudden cravings for jaffles after seeing an almost forgotten 'jaffle machine' which was nearby the Helly Kitty toaster which I bought mum. It took a bit of climbing up and down, searching in the depths of cupboard after cupboard at home, where we finally found our 'vintage' jaffle machine still in good-working order. J scrunched up his face as I laboriously cleaned some leftover burnt bits that must've been forgotten but another 10 minutes, we were well and truly ready for the revival of the jaffle.

I remember as a kid, our nanny used to put some mixture of canned meat and tomato sauce to make a savoury jaffle. To tell you the truth, I wasn't a big fan of the jaffle because of this - there was a very distinctive taste to the canned meat which I just couldn't stomach and made me want to throw up just smelling it. I don't think a sweet jaffle had been invented at that time (or maybe our nanny was making sure we ate right) but this weekend, I really had a scrumptious jaffle experience. And all it took was a combination of some Helga's Honey & Oat bread we had at home, a good dollop of Nutella and a generous serving of butter. J tells me that the trick to the best jaffle ever is the layer of butter on the outside of the sandwich before you put it into the machine to toast (I took his advice and made another one today cause it was so yummy!) You see, once the Nutella is heated up; as with any chocolate, it clumps up to a thick chocolate texture. Eat it whilst hot and you've got textures of crispy, sweet, savoury and the melt in your mouth all in one bite.

J recommends his Nutella & Butter Crip Jaffle with a glass of milk.

Thumbs up to the brand 'Tiffany' for their trusty and long-lasting appliances - please don't break down now that I've found you properly again :D


Joanna said...

ohhh... that looks really yummy!

panda said...

Jo, you've got to try making a Nutella Jaffle if you have a machine at home! It's the best!