Sunday, 6 May 2007

pat & stick's @ paddington

This photo hardly does Pat & Stick's any justice but unfortunately, the warm weather we had this Sunday afternoon didn't allow me to take my time with the photos. And well, I was too busy eating my way through mine and most of J's and then eating a few many other things that before I knew it, the goods were eaten and no nice photos could be taken. Here's to the dilemnas of being a foodie; unfortunately I have yet to develop some self control when it comes to food and constantly, I'm being reminded by those around me to take that photo before I dig in.

Anyway, it was with great anticipation that I visited the Paddington markets for the second time in probably a year. The first time I discovered their waffles and going there today, I think it's still the same guy running the store. However, today I opted for Pat & Stick's Ice Cream Sandwiches which I'd seen reviewed in SMH's Good Living awhile back. A few people had mentioned them and how convenient was it to find the store right next to the waffle store! Well, contrary to belief, today I asserted some self-control and decided to only have the ice cream sandwich. J easily decided on the Double Chocolate. Stuck in a bout of indecisiveness (I think the guy behind the store was starting to feel sorry for me) and well, he kindly suggested the Caramel Pecan so I went for that. One word: Yummmmmmmmmy!

I think that probably says it all. I've just gone to google to see if they have a website and here it is for those who might want to check it out:


char said...

now i see what they look like on the website ! looks yummy indeed :D it reminds me of ice cream pancakes from hong kong, where you just eat ice cream wrapped in a pancake ^^

panda said...

lol...i managed to convince grace chau to agree that these were good. we were talking about it one day and she had it pretty much the next day!

if you ever go to singapore, the whackiest thing is having icecream wrapped in bread! so yummy!