Sunday, 29 April 2007

food-bloggers, nick's seafood @ cockle bay

It was probably a year ago that I came across these 4 amazing foodies. At that time, web logs were the in thing and absolutely everyone had their own blog. And well, the story goes, I started my own Xanga site and started my daily blogging. A month or so into it, my blogging turned into regular updates on food and my adventures in the kitchen. And well, when I started tying food together with my blog, this led me to find like-minded others in the blogosphere.

Allow me to introduce to you (from L/R): Suze from, (me), Helen from, Swee San from and Suyin from These girls have been the ultimate inspiration for me to cook, to eat and to find and enjoy food in all its possible forms. Admittedly, I am still an amateur when it comes to food blogging but what one thing I've learnt is that food does bring people together and since I've started my blog, I've met these girls and encouraged others to enjoy and appreciate food (find Charissa at

One person I need to mention in particular is Swee San; someone I've got to know in a rather bizarre sort of way. From following her adventures at Le Cordon Bleu, this year found me studying Basic Patisserie whilst she was completing Superior Patisserie, and be it sheer bizarreness, I looked up at work one day and there she was in the shop across from me making a crepe. Our first proper meeting involved her giving me 3 huge cakes she made in class and really, how can I not come to be friends with a girl like this?! Swee, I really hope you come back after your trip home. Will miss you.

So with a little excitement and a note of sadness, we farewelled Swee San at Nick's Seafood on Cockle Bay this weekend. For the first time I met Helen (whose restaurant reviews have seen me eat my way around Sydney), Suyin (who's cooking has inspired me to be more creative and spontaneous in the kitchen) as well as Suze (who's crazy eating adventures match mine and someone who has become a friend and a source of inspiration - it took me less than a day to get through that bag of Biscotti! Btw, if I don't find that Gingerbread Man, I'm coming to steal yours!). Some of us brought along partners and despite the dreary Sydney weather, we had a nice, 'long' lunch by the harbour (the 'long' adjective is input from J).

With 7 of us at the table, we really managed to order right across the menu. From fish to lamb, kangaroo to pasta (this could adequately feed 3!), we had all bases covered. I ordered the Salmon Fillet with chips (salmon was perfect! although I must admit I've been on a salmon steak shriek lately, chips could've been better but not bad). J had the Lamb Cutlets (cooked medium rare) and really, no complaints from me. It amazes me how a seafood restaurant can do a better meat dish than leading steakhouses. This is probably my third time at Nick's and often, I've been tempted to order a meat dish over seafood. So to those leading steakhouses out there, pick up your act!

After lunch, we conveniently moved next door to Lindt Cafe. Let's just say that being a foodblogger, there is always room for dessert! I did mention that foodbloggers tend to be quite like-minded right? Ok, I admit there's the usual clicking of cameras and deliberation over the menu, and perhaps what people may call abnormal behaviour, but in essence, we are money savers. Unimpressed by the $10 slices of cakes on display, we opted for the full sized Lindt cakes and picked out the Pistachio & Berry Dacquoise to share. Ingenious I tell you! Here's a photo of Suze and me before we stuffed ourselves with a massive blob of Pistachio white chocolate ganache (almost sickingly sweet).

A food-filled good day! Swee, I wish you a safe trip home and look forward to your return. Keep us updated while you're away!


chocolatesuze said...

lol aw you beat everyone with the first post about the meetup hehe good to finally meet you in person dude!

swee said...

thanks jenny.. Good luck with your fulltime job ;)

Beverly! said...

Nice to meet another fellow Sydney food blogger! I love Nick's too :)~

char said...

how cool ! and you just met over each others blogs :)