Monday, 9 April 2007

forster 2007

Despite some rainy weather and that little bit of traffic, our Forster trip over the Easter weekend was awesome! Thanks Justin, Ka, Mandy, Pang, Emily, Anthony, Adam and Karen for an awesome trip, of lazing about in front of the TV, of soaking in the jacuzzi, the laughter, the moments and the opportunity to learn about each other's quirkiness and strange habits. In particular, I've learnt that Kaho is extremely evil and dangerous; I'll get you back Ka, trust me. I admit I failed miserably this morning but I hey, looks like you were the one on guard all night just because I said I'll get my pay-back before the trip was over. Hmph...just you wait and see!

Double the awesomeness was the apartment we stayed in (the Penthouse might I add!); fully furnished with jacuzzi, 3 plasma TVs, 3 bathrooms, air-conditioning, just a walk to the beach and town centre, and a truly amazing view from all 3 levels which formed the penthouse. Honestly, I don't see how it can get better than that! Rubbish disposal, not enough cleaning liquid, mozzies and the absence of locks on the doors were perhaps some minor issues that came up but in the end, we managed. Hey, turns out handsoap is just as good a cleaning agent as your regular dishwashing liquid!

On the topic of food, there was definitely plenty. As like any trip, we had our dose of Hungry Jacks on the way there and KFC on the way back. Breakfast and dinners were rather glorious affairs with Pancakes, French Toast, English Breakfasts, Steaks, Cabonara and Bolognaise being served. The first night was pizzas from Eagle Boys but in the space of the other days, we managed to fit in the local fish and chips, oysters, and waffle cones. Oh, and let's not forget the snacks and the alcohol. Quite embarrassingly, 4 of us puked on the first night.

We were probably more than well-equipped with boardgames, video games, dvds, videos, and the like to pass the time. It's a shame that we didn't get around to doing everything (4 days just wasn't long enough!). Canoeing and spending time at the beach were probably the highlights; a few sore muscles but nothing too serious. At least none of us capsized!

It's actually pretty hard to summarise all that happened over 4 days. You can imagine how there might've been some indecisiveness, some difference of opinion, and just that tad of conflict with the 9 of us but really, we battled it out in the end. I felt everyone really brought themselves to the trip and made it a good one. I certainly had a good laugh every day and well, sad now that the trip's over. It was an Easter that was spent without any Chocolate eggs nor anything particularly 'easter-y' but it was certainly a good trip. I might not miss those episodes of Simpsons though; argh...who came up with a Super-Simpson weekend!

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