Sunday, 22 April 2007

the waffle factory @ castle towers

It's name might just be that tad deceptive; I can imagine some of you might be thinking along the lines of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and all those Oompa Loompas preparing chocolate, only here you're talking about waffles and all things waffle related. And really, I would've thought so too hearing that name but thanks to Suze from, I was more than well prepared for what to expect. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that this place has a certain aspect of novelty to it but it won't be a place I'll come rushing back to. For me, I can eat waffles any time of the day and well, the waffle factory failed to wow me like I've been with other waffle places (namely Max Brenner and the store at Paddington markets). Nonetheless, it's still a place that serves up a decent waffle and at the same time, readily accessible from home.

I suppose what's really interesting about The Waffle Factory is that they serve up both sweet and savoury waffles in various waffle forms. Really, finding a decent waffle in Sydney is rare (especially when you're me and I don't particularly like the English waffle but only eat the Belgian waffle with the deep pockets) so I was particularly happy to find my Belgian Waffle available. J&I both opted for sweet waffles (of course) with a serving of gelato. Actually, I had the works with the cream, strawberries and belgian chocolate drizzle plus gelato; probably not the best idea when I'm constantly sitting on my butt these days. Anyways...My overall comment is that the waffle is a bit doughy but still crisp like a Belgian Waffle should be. My favourite is still the one you get from the Paddington markets (speaking of which, it has been awhile!). The gelato was perfect; not overrefrigerated...and maybe a glass of water would've been good but I always forget about then when I'm in the middle of eating dessert.

I actually wouldn't mind trying their savoury waffle one day. I don't think I've had one before.


chocolatesuze said...

lol i wasnt that much of a fan of the sweet waffle either because i kept wanting to compare it to max brennars delicious waffles but the savoury waffles are good for a fast snack. their 'bacon' in bacon, egg and cheese waffle is weird... so i just get cheese and tomato sauce waffle hehe

swee said...

hey… lets do a mini foodbloggers meet-up sometime between this and next week ? I’m going back to M;sia soon :(

free ?

panda said...

suze: looks like we have a similar stomach! next time i'm trying the savoury one but hey, i've got to thank you for letting me know it was there!

swee: sounds good! let me know when and i'll be there. Nights and weekends are probably best for me.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% right : the waffles cooked fresh in front of you at Paddington market are the best you can find in Sydney and may be Australia. The smell and then the fact that it is still warm from the waffle machine, unbeattable. Have you tried dipped with the real belgian chocolate they have. To die. I go every saturday just for a fresh waffle. It is incredibly divine