Saturday, 14 April 2007

Happy Birthday Mandy!

Hope you make good use of the baking set! I sure had a good time putting it together and really, learnt a few new things along the way (I'm actually quite jealous of your hamper of goodies - my kitchen seems so dull and primitive compared to what you're equipped with now. Don't be surprised if I come knocking on your dooor to use what you have!). But anyhow, here goes for the things I learnt and might come in hand for shopper's of baking and kitchen equipment.

For starters, a lot of those kitchenware supply places are a rip off - they've got the variety and all, but many of the things they stock can actually be purchased elsewhere much cheaper. I actually have to give the thumbs up to Myer for stocking many of the things the home baker might need at a very reasonable price. Thumbs up to Ka for his input. That certainly saved me from deciding between all the various pans and utensils; and really, I'm quite surprised myself at how varied pans and utensils can be! Those interested in some shopping, it's worthwhile heading to The Essential Ingredient (Pacific Highway, St. Leonards/Crows Nest), Chef's Warehouse (Albion St, Surry Hills) and also that little restaurant and catering equipment place we have in Eastwood (a good deal cheaper but in a much more limited range). Might I add, supermarkets and discount shops are also excellent places to have a look.

Marie Clare do some of the cutest kitchen utensils plus tea towels, I was extremely tempted to buy some stuff for myself but fortunately, managed to hold off and concentrate on the task at hand. Even if you don't do any baking, Marie Clare can definitely snaz up your kitchen to make it look like you do. Might I add, Marie Clare do some of the most aesthetically appealing range of cookbooks which are worth a squiz at.

And I suppose the other thing I learnt (but unrelated to shopping for baking equipment and something I learnt last night) is that there's an awesome patisserie at St. Ive's. Double the thumbs up to Ka for the cake. I've just gone to google it and all cake-lovers can find it at The Fleur de Lyse is definitely recommended!

Also, welcome back AJ! And yay, I survived my first week at work!

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