Saturday, 16 June 2007

melbourne - day 4

Last day in Melbourne and it was really just a short day. Woke up, packed, checked out, left our bags with the concierge and ventured out into the city on the Monday Public Holiday to find a place open for breakfast. We didn't have much luck around our Hotel but further towards Swanston Street, we managed to find a place called 'The Quarter'. It was one of many cafes in that laneway which were packed with patrons. No luck with getting a table inside but stayed on for the hearty breakfast which was being served. It was probably the busiest of the cafes there (so surely the slight nip of the cold could be beared).

Photo of the Rialto from the inside. Our rooms were on the right. It's really quite an impressive hotel but unfortunately, I didn't spend much time checking out its facilities.
Photo of the Rialto from the outside. Yay to yellow taxis which you can spot miles away!
My breakfast of coffee, eggs & bacon on toast. Justin kindly ate all the fat on my bacon.

As soon as breakfast was gobbled up and we made our way back to the hotel, it was into the taxi (another Indian taxi driver meaning more Indian music), and over to Avalon Airport. Just in time, the skies opened up and we watched the rain pelt down from our seats inside the airport.

4 days of Melbourne had whizzed by before I knew it. I loved the trip!!! (thanks Edith, Leong and Justin!!!)


chocolatesuze said...

aw you lucky thing i love melbourne! the cafe culture is heaps better than sydney

panda said...

totally agree with you!