Sunday, 24 June 2007

chocolate friands

I'm officially addicted to the chocolate scones which they've started selling at Baker's Delight! (Bought another two today when I was out shopping with mum which brings it to a grand total of 4 chocolate scones this week. Don't worry...I've haven't had all of them :P) I can't imagine getting sick of them but at the rate I'm going, it could be possible. Will keep everyone updated!

So it was a combination of these yummy chocolate scones and the horrendously cold weather of the weekend that I was encouraged to pick up my Donna Hay 'Chocolate' book and do some baking. A number of people have already noticed that I haven't been doing much baking lately and have asked if everything's ok. Aside from being frozen in this weather, I'm still baking! Just that the last two quiches I made were so hands on, I didn't really get the chance to snap away with my camera. And well, the quiches were quite a favourite and disappeared incredibly quickly after they were baked. Seems like I've mastered the Quiche Lorraine! Yay!

Anyhow, these little Chocolate Friands turned out quite well save for the time it took to unmould them. Looks like I need to be a bit more generous with the butter when it comes to greasing the pan.

Straight out of the oven. Glad I used the pastry bag to fill the tin, all the friands came out the same size and shape.
A dozen chocolate friands minus 2 :P

I've got to say, this is probably the first friand recipe which I've used which has gotten me exactly a whole tray of friands. A lot of recipes seem to only get you 10 or even just 9. Thumbs up to Donna Hay once again for getting it right! Anyway, does anyone know of a good cocoa powder I can use for baking? The Nestle one I'm using at the moment is Ok but I'm on the search for something more chocolatey.

And to add, J & I went to watch Pirates 3 with our free Hoyts tickets this weekend. We even had a discount voucher which got us a free upsize on our popcorn and drinks meal. Our popcorn came in one of those big KFC buckets. I'm never eating popcorn again!

Our big bucket of popcorn and probably a litre of coke.
Lady standing next to us in the queue 'You could feed the whole cinema with all that popcorn'

Movie was ok. Looks like there'll be a Pirates 4.


Amy said...

how about the cadbury bourneville cocoa powder?
i use that but i'm not a good enough expert to judge on its 'chocolate' quality but it suits me fine

panda said...

i haven't actually tried that one but will do now that you recommend it :D chocolate..mmmmm