Tuesday, 3 July 2007

little egg cakes

Thanks for the recipe Kenneth! I'm not sure how you came across it but if you come across any other ones, please let me know. As promised, once I manage to get the recipe right, you're invited over to eat! Give me another week or two, and hopefully I will have mastered different flavours and variations for you to choose. Seriously dude, you're awesome!

So the story goes, Kenneth gave me this recipe late last week. At that time, I didn't actually have the right equipment to make them but I thought I'd give it a go with a regular English Waffle Pan maker. I'd planned on doing that over the weekend but as things always work, there was a slight change of plan. On Friday night, mum tells me she has a 'surprise' for me. lol... I actually thought she went to eat Maccas and got me the gingerbread man (that's another story) but I come home to find this surprise:

Is it awesome or what?! I didn't think they sold these here in Australia and even if they did, it would be heaps expensive! Turns out it was just a bit over $30 at the restaurant supply store that it's in my suburb. Mum was warned by the old lady at the store that this was just a very basic model. If you can see in the photo, it's pretty much 2 pieces held together by a nail. Definitely not as fancy as the professional ones you find in the streets of Hong Kong. Yay nonetheless!

I'm sure everyone from Hong Kong would be quite jealous now :P I don't think I know anyone (from Hong Kong) who doesn't like these cakes. If you're like me, I grew up with these and I look forward to my trips to Hong Kong where I can dig into countless servings of these cakes. Now I can make them at home!

Using Kenneth's recipe, I ended up making 3 full servings. The first turned out quite dense and well, I 'accidentally' overfilled the thing so I had batter running everywhere and caking onto the stove. As warned by the lady at the shop, you really need lots of oil/grease before you pour the mix in and I reinforce her words. The second batch I burnt quite badly (that's when I realised you can't pour the mix in when the pan's already heated up). The third I got to say was pretty much perfect. And well, that was gobbled up rather quickly.

So...I've got pandan essence and pandan paste at home which I have yet to use. Thinking I'll probably try a pandan flavoured batch next time. Hehe..loving my new little/big gadget! Only downside is that it's an absolute bummer to clean. Oh...and I lost one of my pastry brushes on this thing.


chocolatesuze said...

ooh awesome i love pandan! sounds like youve been busy girl i keep stalking your blog for updates! did you see the gingy man from maccas?

panda said...

lol...i saw this pandan loaf at helen's cake shop in the ct...i nearly bought that to at for lunch today :D

yeah..it has been a little busy but mainly just tired from work. and i got to admit, you're not the only one doing the stalking, i do too!

hmph..i've been meaning to duck over to maccas but i keep getting told off by justin for being silly :(

chocolatesuze said...

hehe would you believe i bought 3 maccas gingys? one for me, one for my aunt whos gone back to malaysia, and one more for me just in case he breaks... and im so gonna buy another big one at the toy sale so i can strap him into my car!

Julie said...

Hey Jenny!~

I popped by 2 read your blog today and saw u have the mould 4 that lil egg cake!@~ oWwwww they look so yummyyyy =)


Anonymous said...

Hi, do you mind telling me the recipe of those little cakes and where you got the pan from??? I've been craving for those for aaagggessss, and haven't been able to find the pan here!!!! =(

'little egg cake' lover...

panda said...

hey hey 'little egg cake' lover, just saw your message today! so sorry for the delay. recipe as follows:

5 oz flour
1 1/4 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp custard powder
1 oz Bean flour
2 eggs
5 oz sugar
2 tbsp evaporated milk
5 oz water
2 tbsp oil

Add egg, sugar and milk first and beat. Then add everything else. Add oil last. Brush oil on the mould before u pour the mixture in. Pour in the mould and shake well, turn over wait for 2 min, and then turn it over and wait for another 2 min. Voila!

the pan i bought from wing on restaurant and catering supplies in eastwood. according to my mum, they should still have them there.
hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Aww, your lil cakes look so cute!
What's bean flour?

Y said...

How cute! The moulds look a bit scary though. Like giant flyswatters for robotic flies. Are they very heavy? Too bad they're not non-stick. That would solve your greasing problems!

fuuchan said...

Oh man, I've been looking for an egg cake recipe ever since the one woman who made them well in my city mysteriously vanished.

Can you please clarify on some of the ingredients, if you don't mind?

Exactly what is custard powder?
Also, what is bean flour?