Thursday, 5 July 2007

happy birthday amz!

Happy Birthday to the 'bestest' girl in the world! Hope you enjoyed your birthday and your presents (I am seriously considering stealing your bf...jk!) But I've got to say, you have to be one of the luckiest girls in the world. Thumbs up to Champs!

So it was strangely on a Sunday that the birthday girl invited a group of us out for dinner at Platinum (just where the buses are at Macquaire Centre). Given that it was a Sunday night, it wasn't a particularly big night but nonetheless, the first time in awhile since I've seen my bestie as well as the rest of the 'gang'. God, I don't even know how long it's been since we've gotten together. Proof of this -

Jenny: 'Andy (who is sitting next to me), why are you staring at me?'
Andy: 'Why can't I? I just want to look at my friend, I've haven't you in ages'
Jenny: Oh...
And this subsequently lead to the conversation of who is who's best friend and Andy's loud claim that he was Amy's best friend. Andy hasn't changed one bit.

The B'day girl and her boy. Cute!

Not sure who took this photo and I'm not sure why I'm waving my arm around.

Foodwise, I can't say that this place is particularly extraordinary. They've got quite an extensive menu and the food is generally well presented but it leans towards the pricey side for what you get. I've heard that both Platinum and Inferno's are owned by the same owner (they just sit next door to each other) and personally, I would recommend going to Inferno's (especially if you've got a big group).

Justin's Steak which was incredibly small but tasty.

Bruschetta with Pumpkin, Ricotta & Pancetta. This was what made them forget my main. I ended up having to wait another 5-10 minutes after everyone's mains came out. Boo!

My late-arriving Paperdelle with Asparagus and Salmon. Salty!

Made a new friend. Her name is Sally and us being silly.

The Girls.

A photo at our end of the table. Me glaring at Justin for being stupid.

It was a shame that we had to call it an early night. But work the next day! Happy Birthday Amz!

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Amy said...

thankyou so much for a wonderful night! the pressies were FANTASTIC!!! i loved every single one of them =)