Wednesday, 5 December 2007

chocolate kkomz @ eastwood

Amongst my favourite foods, Korean food features quite prominently. In particular, I love 'pajon' (Korean pancake), Bibimbap and spicy Hot Pot. I also love the way they marinate their meats (I know it's probably a little too sweet for the older generation) but for the 20 something year old, it's the best taste in the world! There's also Korean BBQ which leaves its taste literally in your clothes and when it's one of those all you can eat buffets, you can really knock yourself silly! Allow me to introduce Chocolate Kkomz in Eastwood; one of the regular Korean eateries I visit and also recommend.

I probably came here the first time with a close girl friend and have since been back many a time. With their comfortable booths offering a high level of privacy, I have found this place to be one of the better places to catch up with people and allows for chatting over dinner. There are bells at each table for you to get hold of a waitress so throughout your meal, you are rarely disturbed. One of my good friends has argued that this is a place for couples but I disagree (given he's a boy, I suppose this isn't the sort of place you pick up chicks at. Boys!)

Korean Pancake cooked to perfection.
Soba noodles with assorted bits and pieces (can't remember the actual name for this)
King Grill (assorted meats including chicken drumsticks, ribs, sausages, hamburger patty etc.)
My favourite: Spicy Beef & Kalbi Hotpot.Tofu Steak.
The serving sizes are generally quite large and are priced quite decently. Where they say on the menu 'Serves 2', you can trust that it will adequately feed 2 people (boys included). Service is probably a tad on the slow side and conversing with the waitresses can be difficult (I read on some other reviews that this had consistently been a problem). Hopefully this will change in time but for the food you get, and the price that you pay, this is definitely a place I recommend anyone to give a go. There's a few parking spots right outside but generally, it's quite easy to find parking on that street. Worse comes to worse, you can always park in the council carpark which is just a short walk away!


Amy said...

don't you love their new menu? the tofu steak was divine when i went there last

the bulgogi with big mushrooms is also highly recommended

panda said...

definitely! i can't complain about their new menu :D

okies..will try the bulgogi with mushrooms next time i'm there :D