Monday, 26 November 2007

An early birthday, sushiya @ chatswood

Continuing my previous post, the Saturday that passed was spent with a bunch of my closest mates celebrating my birthday at Sushiya in Chatswood. There's still another week or so till my actual b'day but it was probably the only time I could get most/everyone to come before people were disappearing over the summer (You lucky uni students!!) How I long to be back at uni just to have those holidays!

I'd actually booked almost a month in advance so the 21 of us that turned up were seated quite comfortably in the upstairs area of the restaurant. Most people don't actually know that it's there but the last time I went, I noticed people walking strangely out of the kitchen. Basically, you almost enter the kitchen to go upstairs. Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones there on Saturday (when I booked, I was told that I could book for up to 30 people); there were 2 other tables up there with us. However, I did notice that will all the noise and chaos we were causing, both those tables turned around quite quickly. At one point, I think we got a bit of a complaint as one of us tried to get the air con working for us (and that air con was sitting above that's table's heads..hmmm)
I've probably been to Sushiya too many times and will repeat what I've said already; this is the place to go for cheap, good quality Japanese food. Their food is always artistically presented, food always arrives in a promptly manner and the general service is flawless. Anyway, here are some highlights from the night.
Salmon Sushi. I love Salmon!
Salmon Lover's Roll. More Salmon :D
Scallop Tataki. Discovered this last time I came here and I could possibly eat this all day!
'Asked' to take a amicable photo with Amy's boy. This is probably more pleasant than the one with me trying to strangle him. People did say I looked more happy in the other one *evil grin*
Grace. Me. Em.
Mary. Mandy. Me.
Always room for dessert. Japanese Red Bean Pancakes with Green Tea Ice Cream.
Our trios of Ice cream which we attacked within minutes.
Cutting the cake. A most yummy Mango Mousse cake. Special thanks to Ka, Mandy, Ken, Andy and whoever else I might've missed. I loved it! Thanks Ka also for the comment that I looked like the face on my cake; much appreciated as always.

Me and my face.

Thanks to everyone who turned up! I had an awesome time and hope everyone did too. Again, thanks for your well wishes, hugs, presents, you guys are the best! Haha...I might even use my b'day as an excuse to get together again; maybe even closer to my b'day :D For those who managed to trek over to my place after dinner, I thoroughly enjoyed our chat into the early hours of the morning. Will remember all the strange topics that came up and the particular request from Mandy (which I will choose to ignore); lots of fun and reminds me of old times!

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