Friday, 23 November 2007

the blackbird cafe @ king st. wharf

En route to Miss Saigon, J&I stopped by at The Blackbird Cafe last Saturday for a quick bite to eat. We'd flicked through the Entertainment Book and realising that another year had passed and we had barely gotten through the coupons (as it so happens every year), we were very surprised to find that there was one in there for 25% off the bill at the Blackbird Cafe. Worked out extremely well cause we'd parked at J's office and the Blackbird was just on our way to Star City.

J&I have been slowly trying out the restaurants on King Street Wharf and well, it was even better that we had the coupon cause the Blackbird has long been on our list of restaurants to visit. I'd heard a number of very positive reviews and had been extremely keen to check it out. Discount off meals is a bonus by all means!

A grumpy and hungry Jenny.

I actually had no idea that the restaurant was so massive! I reckon there were enough tables in there to fit over a hundred people! We were seated right on the balcony which gave us a good view out over the boats and water.

Our entree of Dips which came with heaps and heaps of dipping bread. I liked the Pinky Salmony dip.

I'm not the only crazy person that's taking photos of the food.

My Portugese Chicken Burger with the yummiest chips ever.

J's Kangaroo Steak. A tad sweet and extremely filling.

They actually have this really awesome display of desserts as you enter through the main entrance. If I could've fit it in, I would've gone for the Lemon Meringue which towered at 20cm high (or something like that). Mmmm.....will definitely be going back. They offer a very extensive menu and I quite like the atmosphere there. Service is reasonable and whilst prices aren't the cheapest in town, you do get good bang for your buck. Try!


chocolatesuze said...

hurrah an update how ive missed your posts! the serving of kangaroo looks massive and ooh someones bday is fast approaching!

panda said...

the kangaroo steak was massive! it was seriously kangaroo overload!

and lol..thanks for being such an avid reader of my blog! been meaning to post but laziness always kicks in!