Monday, 26 November 2007

nick's bar & grill @ king st. wharf

Some of you may have noticed that I've become rather chatty of late. I'm not too sure why but once I start a conversation, it seems like I just can't stop. Some of you may have received lengthy emails from me, others have had actual conversations with me in person, or even when I'm not prompted, I'm highly inclined to talk (and talk quite quickly). I just noticed today when I was speaking to someone at work that I was talking way too quickly and had to slow down. Bizarre or what?!

Could be the fact that my b'day is coming up and in my excitement, I've been using it as an excuse to start celebrating early and catch up with a lot of people. Fun! This weekend I had two more of these celebrations, all in the space of a day :D Definitely the best b'day ever! (and I know I say that every year but really, they do get better each year!). So anyhow, Saturday lunch was with J at Nick's Bar & Grill on King St. Wharf.

First thing I noticed was that they had exact same menu as Nick's Seafood! I think I've been to all the Nick's restaurants now; the one at Cockle Bay, the one also in Bondi. I thought they would differentiate their menus slightly but nopes. Food is still good though, don't get me wrong!

Trusty Garlic Bread!

J's B'day Present to me. I love it!

We both got steaks. I was so jealous of all the mushrooms that were in his mushroom sauce. The potato he had was baked in the creamiest and cheesiest sauce ever!

My Sirloin. Very prettily plated with a sprig of something which I don't think you can eat.

Something which has really hit me is that there's a lot of foreigners working in the restaurants along the wharf/harbour. We had a rather funny incident when it came to paying. J had given his Entertainment Card to one waiter. Once they'd put the bill through, another waiter was walking around with our bill and asked around everywhere who owned the so-called 'credit card'. For some reason, he must've thought we were too young to own a credit card but hey really, it was a mistaken Entertainment Card. Anyway, the funny/stupid thing was that the guy asks the table next to us who had just started their meal whether the card belonged to them (at which point, we said it was ours...poor guy, he was starting to look really stressed). So yeah, not sure if I'm making much sense, neither am I having a go about the waiter but it was just one of those funny things which happen.

Thanks J for an awesome lunch! It worked out well that the weather cleared up to a really nice day whilst we were eating. You are tops, as always!

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