Saturday, 24 November 2007

fujiya @ haymarket

Considerable stupidity on my part, a good half an hour later, Katie & I settled on Fujiya for dinner on Thursday night. We'd originally planned on Mamak but my inability to remember the shop's number lead us to walk up and down Goulburn Street in vain. I've since found out that it's No. 15 and not No. 115...just a hundred or so numbers off; I could do better. *shakes head at self*. Will promise myself and others that I will not make that mistake again.

I suppose the one good thing that came out of the walking - an appetite; something we both shared. I didn't take many photos but here you'll see the Fujiya Chahan (which is massive) and the soft shell crab roll. Both are delicious!! Trust me!! We also ordered the Sukiyaki which cooked at the tabletop right in front of us but my gut feel is that I've already blogged about it in a previous entry. That was yummy too as has been all my experiences at Fujiya. One thing I find funny is the 2 person booth we were placed at; not the comfiest but does offer a level of privacy I suppose.

Surprisingly it was quiet on a Thursday night which was all the better for two old/new friends to chat the night away. Fun times!

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