Wednesday, 25 June 2008

miso @ world square

Even my boss at work has commented that I seem to eat nothing but Jap. Everytime I head out for dinner, it always ends up being Jap food and honestly, last Thursday I had every intention to try out that dumpling place that's up at World Square but bizarrely, I ended up at a Jap restaurant I hadn't tried downstairs (I blame that insane queue outside 'Din Tai Fung' - the dumpling place; it was already after 8pm and there were still at least 50 people waiting outside for a table! There was no way I was going to wait with those people - no matter how good the food is meant to be!)

So to settle for our closest option, it was Miso just as we headed downstairs. J&I had noticed this place awhile back and noted that it was actually under the group chain that looks after Makoto and Musashi (two Jap restaurants which I'm rather fond of) - this place was very likely to get a good review from me.

Miso serves 'Teshoku' - from what I gather a type of Japanese dining that involves lots of little side dishes to complement your main meal. Everything is served is pretty little Japanese bowls which I'm more than inclined to bag. Here's J's Sashimi with Rice Set (it was inundated with roe which I'm not the biggest fan of but nonetheless, still a tasty dish if you ignore the roe)I went for the Spicy Karage Chicken Set. Very very tasty and I love it how everything is presented so nicely and looks so fresh. I also had a Green Tea Smoothie with my meal which is very very nice (but quite filling with the meal - the meal comes with miso soup).J catches me mid-sentence. See how pretty the food is and how neatly everything is presented!Sitting next to us (they actually arrived before we did) was Carly and her bf Albert. I used to work with Carly and strangely enough, before Carly and Albert got together, I met him at a job assessment centre (which we bitched about as soon as we came out). Good to see you Carly & Albert!
As soon as we finish dinner (which by that time was closer to 9), J convinces himself that he wants to get the MP3 player which he looked at prior to dinner but unfortunately, as soon as we reached the shop was already closed. J then proceeds to loiter around the shop staring at the guy for him to open up but unfortunately, I had to stop him from doing so any further cause the guy inside was already turning off his lights. Boys!

Anyway, back to where I was, definitely recommend Miso - can't say it's the cheapest but definitely reasonably priced. Both our meals and drinks just came under $40 and it's definitely a different sort of dining to your regular Jap food. Give it a go!


Bean Sprout said...

I went there last Thursday..the day i saw you on George st...^ ^

panda said...

i might've just missed you or we could've been sitting at the restaurant at the same time (cos I was there last Thursday!!)...hehehe...i have a feeling I'll be meeting you soon without us planning on meeting :)