Wednesday, 25 June 2008

t2 teahouse @ mac centre (again)

Yesterday, I reluctantly admitted that I was becoming a bit of a grandma and staying at home and surprisingly, one of my workmates agreed with me and said that she was going to be too (we're onto monthly pay next month and for the next couple of weeks, most of us are going to be considerably broke and homebound). Anyway, what I was actually saying was how I was gonna have to stay home one day of the weekend to finish my flowers for my cake which I would've mentioned before, encourages people to start talking me about their grandmas and what great cake decorators they were - so it appears that I've picked up on an activity/hobby that is not so common for my generation!! So to add to my grandma like behaviour, I really do love the T2 Teahouse at Mac Centre for afternoon tea!!

J is a gem and always agrees to afternoon tea. Mostly he has the Ice Teas on their menu.
Grandma Me with a pot of Hojicha - hidden behind J's girly Peach Ice Tea (Hojicha is a more savoury blend of green tea.)
Scones with Jam & Cream (J's favourite and they ones at T2 are quite delish!! Fortunately we weren't too late to order this time - they had adequately stocked up with scones), Orange & Almond Cake toasted with butter (which was a little to dense for my liking).
Note that T2 Teahouse have changed from a 'Pay, Sit Down, Get Served' system to 'Sit Down, Get Served, Pay' arrangement which I always think is a bit nicer. They've also got menus laid out on the tables so you can take your time and pick out your favourite tea (would recommend them to laminate their menus as a handful were looking a little tatty). Hmmm...I wonder what happened to all their Ice Teas though (they use to have a list of about 20 selections and on the new menu they've cut back to about 5?)

Lol...who wants to join me for a cup of tea?


chocolatesuze said...

heh want to pick up knitting? its so addictive... ive made 6 scarves in the past 2months...

panda said...

lol...actually i wouldn't mind! i was flipping through the macquarie college book tossing whether to continue with the sugar magic courses and saw that they had crocheting!! love those little crocheted toys :P