Saturday, 6 December 2008

bathers' pavilion @ the esplanade, balmoral beach

I took the day off work for my birthday and went to Bather's Pavilion Cafe with J for lunch. Bather's Pavilion Restaurant (just next door) is actually in the Entertainment Book but J&I thought we'd have a lighter lunch (but thinking again now, should've gone to the restaurant to use the discount cause it's probably unlikely I'll be heading all the way back - it's almost an hour's drive from my place.)

Seated, we were given bread rolls with butter.
J smiles with relief that we're finally sitting down. We were walking in the wrong direction after parking the car and nearly thought that we had got the address wrong.
J's choice: Braised lamb shank with white bean & shallot ravioli, young carrots & cavolo nero. (Nice but a tad salty)My choice: Seafood risotto with green herbs and wilted spinach. It was a massive serving with lots of seafood! Could easily feed 2.Bathers' chips - but the waitress actually said 'wedges' when she placed it down on the table...hmm...
I love these tomato shaped tomato sauce bottles!
It was SO hot that day and unfortunately, I really don't deal with heat and things tend to become more annoying than usual when I'm not dealing with the heat. Found the waitstaff unhelpful (did get better later) but at first when we were there, everyone just looked at us and walked away even though we clearly there looking for a table. Then when we requested to move tables as we were stuck sitting behind another couple and was listening to their entire conversation (which I think is a very legitimate reason to move), we got what looked like a scowl and then a reluctant yes but which meant no help whatsoever in getting our things moved - we had to pick up all the contents of our table and move it ourselves. (This happened with another couple that sat down near us so this definitely wasn't just me not dealing with the heat!) I think one of the dudes realised how unhelpful they'd been all along and actually got friendly and talked to us at the end of the meal (but unfortunately, damage done - me annoyed).

Annoyance aside, you do get a nice view over the beach (when you get a window seat) and the food is actually really good. And well, it was my birthday and I had the day off work, what more could I ask for?

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