Monday, 29 December 2008

zenya for ramen, eastwood

J&I are both big fans of Ramen and it's lucky that we have a Ramen shop close to home. We even have one of those buy 10, get 1 free ramen cards happening (although it's been slow to eat the 10 as Zenya only stamp it once for the meal and not for the 2 bowls of ramen we actually eat - which to be honest, I think is a little unfair). Anyhow, they do make up for it by the interesting ramen combinations they have. The two below are from their 'Specials Menu'.

Citrus Pepper Ramen.
Spicy Tontoro Ramen.
Both are delicious although my preference is for the SpicyTontoro Ramen. There's something about the citrus flavour which makes the ramen taste a tad 'unnatural'. Anyhow, I've never been the biggest fan of citrus flavours which probably explains why. It's a real shame that the weather's been so hot - it'll be some time before my next bowl of ramen and that we get a stamp closer to getting our bowl of free ramen. That card better not expire!

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