Sunday, 12 July 2009

dinner @ jo's

Last Sunday, the lovely Jo invited a group of us over for dinner - the hostess was cooking a shoulder of lamb and for the rest of us, we were asked to bring along a main dish and a dessert. The theme for dessert was chocolate or cheese - chocolate ended up being everyone's ingredient of choice and we ended up with a tableful of chocolate desserts to munch on. Anyway, here's what everyone brought on the night:

A's Pumpkin Soup (it was a tad spicy and when I asked A, the secret ingredient in it was Curry Powder which I thought was a might good combination).
C's Chicken Pie (made by C's sister).
M's Butter Chicken & Rice.
Jo's Shoulder of Lamb (uber tasty!) and the Pear, Walnut & Rocket Salad from my last post.
Dessert time! As full as I was from dinner, I managed to taste test everyone's desserts. Here you'll see M's Chocolate Tarts, C's Melting Moments, A's Chocolate Scones, Jo's sister's Blueberry & Lemon Scones and my Flourless Chocolate Muffins. 
I was definitely in need of a cup of tea to help me digest!

Dinner and dessert was a great idea and we all left Jo's place contentedly full. I had my goodie bag of desserts to take home (which my mum thought was rather cute and started questioning me on what everything was and who made it). It was great to also watch Sunday's episode of Masterchef over dinner with the girls and talk about food. Definitely a great way to finish up on a weekend!


Tina said...

Love a dinner party! I wish all my friends would cook... :(

Anonymous said...

Love these kinds of dinner parties. Somehow it always works out and everyone has a great time including the hostess who isn't too frazzled!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

What and awesome idea to get everyone over and bring something. Those chocolate cupcakes look yummy !

panda said...

tina - i love dinner parties too! and you know, you might actually be surprised if you get your friends over, my friend c claims she can't cook but she was the one that made those gorgeous melting moments!

nqn - i love it when i go to dinner and i'm in for a surprise as to what everyone's bringing. and yeah, I know what you mean, i've hosted dinner parties when i've tried to do all the cooking and i end up being tired before dinner has started.

maria - i use to always want to cook everything but after these dinner parties at jo's, i'm definitely in for everyone brining a dish. and thanks! those chocolate cupcakes were real yummy :P

Joanna said...

it was fun! we should do it again some other time =)