Saturday, 18 July 2009

sakae yakiniku house @ hillview rd., eastwood

Sakae Yakiniku House has actually opened up in Eastwood for awhile and it wasn't till last weekend that I made my first visit. If you're new to Eastwood, you actually might miss the restaurant as it's quietly tucked above Eastwood Club and entry is through the door next to the club entry.

Usually I'm quite eager to try out Japanese places when they open up in my area and when this place opened up, I had a ogle outside the restaurant to check out their menu. Apologies to the restaurant but at first I did write this place off because I thought it was just way too expensive. That was until last weekend when mum went out for lunch with my aunts and came home telling me about the lunch and dinner specials they have ($22.80 and $28.80 respectively for a 4 course meal).

Ascend a flight of stairs to get to the restaurant. I think there's lift access but I think the entry is inside Eastwood Club.
Course 1: Entree. There's probably about 8 things you can pick from - J&I went for the Beef Tataki and Kimchi Pancake.
Course 2: Yakiniku. Our choices were the beef skirt and beef ribs.
Course 3: Mains. Again, there's a selection for you to choose from. We went for the Sashimi Salad Don and...
Korean style Cold Noodles - Neng Myun.
Course 4: Dessert - changes daily. That night we were given a vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.
Green tea as well as a salad appetiser are also part of the deal. You probably don't realise at first but it's actually a lot of food for just under $30pp for the meal. All the food is immaculately presented and tastes fantastic -I enjoyed every course we picked out (and it's great to know that I can come back here for the same deal and there's still plenty of items for me to choose from). Much to J's delight, they have Sapporo Beer on tap and if anything, I reckon he could've done with just drinking the beer for the night.

The decor here is gorgeous; most of the tables are wood partitioned offering privacy if you're dining in a group. J&I sat at one of the tables by the window (which looked out onto the street) so were a little jealous of the tables that got their own booth. I guess next time we'll come back here with a few more people!

Service was friendly and the waitresses were extremely attentive. We managed to find street parking outside so it was quite convenient to finish up dinner, get back into the car for the drive home.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is great value indeed and it doesn't look like they've just put the not so nice things on the specials menu! Is it related to the other Sakae in Eastwood at all?

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I like the korean pancake.. got tried the Kimchi pancake once at Madang.. Interesting (but prefer seafood). Its great that your every couses were good !

Stephcookie said...

Yeah I was going to say the same thing as NQN, is this connected to the other Sakae place near the train station? Looks like a great cheap eat!

panda said...

nqn - i was really surprised, the servings are large and there's just so much variety to choose from. Everything is also made fresh. I had a look at the sakae website - looks like sakae yakiniku and sakae are part of the same family.

bean sprout - i've tried making kimchi pancake at home but for some reason, i can never make it as tasty as the ones i eat outside. anyway, if you want to head my way, i'll take you to this place!

steph - from the sakae website, it looks like it's part of the sakae umbrella but this place is definitely worth a visit. i enjoyed sakae yakiniku more than i have sakae.

Joanna said...

went here with grace once.. we thought it was a jap restaurant (from the logo) and found that there was no sushi except for sashimi, so we ended up eating a bimbimbab each - it was quite nice!

panda said...

jo - there's so many restaurants these days which are a cross between korean/japanese - it's actually quite confusing! anyway, will try the bibimbap next time if you say it's good :P

char said...

looks good !