Saturday, 28 November 2009

raspberry friands

Back when I blogged on Xanga, I was making friands every other week (there are the blog posts for evidence). I'd alternate between blueberry and raspberry friands, made hazelnut friands when the berries got expensive and overtime, the boy started to get addicted to them. Then the friand making stopped when I started at LCB where I was making much fancier cakes, I started to buy a whole lot of cookbooks (which I continue to do) and well, let's just say that there are way too many recipes out there and the friand got left by the wayside.

The boy recently commented that I hadn't been making friands and that I should make them ('because I like them'). Whilst he supports my baking adventures and does his best to suggest improvements to everything I bake (usually it's me nagging at him going 'but what can I improve'? It can't be just good. It usually drives both him and my mum insane because I never settle for a cake being just good). His favourite is the friand and he'd rather have a friand over the other cakes that are out there.

I used the recipe from 'In the Kitchen' (making this recipe number 16 from the book!). The recipe only makes 9. I'm actually quite curious as to why every friand recipe I've come across either makes 9 or 10 friands. Not one recipe makes 12 friands (so why do I need a 12 hole friand pan?)
Top with raspberries.
Bake for 15-20 minutes. I'm a bit out of practice; my friands turned out a little brown (but still tasty).
Here they are!
I actually do enjoy baking friands but after every batch I make, I'm always left with the dilemna of what to do with the egg yolks. In the past, my dad has used them to add to his omelettes and fried rice, I made creme caramel once and well this time round, I did slightly better and flipped through 'In the Kitchen' (whilst the friands were baking) and found myself a recipe that had egg yolks in it (post to follow).

The boy was happy with his friand, as was mum (I'd say that they are the world's two biggest friand fans). For me. I'm glad that the boy got me to start baking friands again and hopefully I'll be baking some more in due time.


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I love friands but have the same dilemma about what to do with the rejected egg yolks! I have a mini-friand recipe which does take up a 24-hole pan but I often forego the berries and just dot the tops with some good berry jam instead.

Anonymous said...

hehe at first I read friands and friends! :D They look delicious!

panda said...

mademoiselle delicieuse - hey, that's a good idea! i haven't thought of using jam in place of berries, will definitely give that a go!

nqn - know what, i actually read the same thing too when I was reading the post after i typed it :D

Betty said...

hey they r so cute! can you make a friand in a muffin pan? :D