Tuesday, 15 December 2009

jurin @ pacific highway, crows nest

If you eat around Crows Nest, you're more than likely to bump into me. There's just so many restaurants to try and to date, all of the ones I've been to have been top notch. Amongst them all is the one-hatted Jurin. Many a time have I rocked up at the door hoping to get a table and well, it doesn't work that way. You need to book for either the 6 or the 8pm sitting. J&I finally made a booking for a Friday night and managed to dash there after work for the 6pm sitting. I don't question why this restaurant got a hat, I think they deserve another one or two - dinner was absolutely superb!

J does the responsible thing and orders a smaller beer cause he's driving. He felt a bit silly because this beer was really small!
Cooked pork belly Okinawa style. It's only a very small dish but these pieces of pork belly are so juicy and full of flavour that one piece each is more than enough. They're actually not too fatty either (so I'm guessing they're either serving a leaner cut of pork belly or they're trimming some of the usual fat you would see off).
Homemade Gyoza.
Torched Salmon with Avocado Sauce. This dish made me curious when I saw it on the menu (I wondered what 'avocado sauce' would taste like) but it's actually a salmon and avocado salad (the avocado comes in chunks).
Assorted Sashimi. The fish was fresh, the presentation stunning - exactly what I'm looking for when I order a plate of sashimi.
Tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet).
Green Tea Icecream Tempura. This dessert was a mix of savoury and sweet, the flavours were well balanced and made for a great way to round off the meal.
This was the azuki daifuku. I hadn't quite expected it to look like this. Instead of the glutinous rice, it was actually a sticky rice encasing a red bean filling. It's the perfect size for one person and great enjoyed with a cup of green tea.
Service throughout the night was friendly and meticulous. Dishes arrived at the table in a gradual manner so we didn't feel rushed throughout the meal. At promptly 5 to 8, they did bring around the bill but by that time, we were planning to head off anyway (I find that in a lot of other restaurants when you're in for the first sitting, you get dishes piled on on your table and the service leans towards getting you out as quickly as possible), it was definitely not the case here at Jurin and hats off to you for it. Food was superb and the atmosphere here was relaxed, what a great way to spend a Friday night!! Your one hat is truly well deserved!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Haha, if you eat around Crows Nest and Chatswood you're also likely to bump into me! I tried Ju-Rin for the first time about 6 weeks ago and was most impressed. We didn't order the daifuku and, like you, I'm surprised it came out in sticky rice, rather than the pounded flour paste made from said rice. But as long as the food and service were both nice, that's all that matters =)

missklicious said...

Looks good! I'll add it on the list of "places to go when I move next year" hehe

And the beer is so tiny and cute! Haha Does it come in different sizes?