Monday, 15 March 2010

nadia's cafe @ pennant hills rd., carlingford court

I love finding new places to eat at, especially those that serve up an afternoon tea. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon? The boy would probably tell me that I should go for a jog and do some exercise which yes, is always on the agenda but I do struggle a bit when the other option is to have some afternoon tea. On this particular weekend, it was afternoon tea and well, I guess next week, it means I go for my jog (one can't have too much afternoon tea!)

I'm actually not sure how Nadia Cafe came to mind when J asked me where I wanted to go. I started going through all the places in my suburb, then in the suburb next to it and then all the other suburbs adjacent. Seemed like we'd been to most of the places (well the places I want to try anyway) and it was with a bit of luck that Nadia Cafe came to mind. All I can say is that this cafe has been around for a very long time (I remember it being there back when I was in Primary School). I'm not sure if they've changed management in that time but it's definitely been one of those cafes which have stuck around and one that I never got round to visiting.

By default, the boy and I have our cups of flat white coffee. As a previous non-drinker of coffee, the boy is becoming a bit of a coffee conniseur and thinks this coffee could be a little stronger.

Scones with strawberry jam and cream. The scones were plump and moist inside and very decently fed the two of us.

Pancakes with fresh lemon and sugar (the boy was the first to get me to try this combo awhile back and as strange as the combo sounds; a mix of the sweet and the sour, it works). In hindsight, I probably would've gotten the one with maple syrup because after eating the scones, these pancakes (whilst incredibly fluffy) seemed quite dry to eat.

And what I love about this cafe? They've got booth seating! The booths overlook The Coffee Club which is downstairs (and J had a jolly good time of watching a girl drink her cappuccino and wondering whether she would choke on the chocolate powder as she was spooning up the chocolate dusting and milk froth with her teaspoon). For the record, the girl didn't choke (much to J's disappointment) and well, watching other people go about their coffee drinking is not something I usually do! 

There's a full menu of meals on offer and the prices here are very reasonable. There's a constant stream of customers but should be very easy to snap up a table. A great place to sit down at after doing your weekly shopping or as J puts it, a great place to grab a coffee/bite after you've gone for a jog!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Haha, afternoon tea is one of those relaxing activities that rates highly on my list of leisure activities along with brunch. There's nothing like not having to worry about time and being able to watch the world go by (or if someone is going to choke on their choc-dusted cappucino!).

Betty said...

i always walk past nadias in carlingford court - i must stop over for some scones next time :O)

missklicious said...

Nothing beats a relaxing afternoon tea! I think I'd pick that over jogging anytime hehe

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

I rarely eat afternoon tea. Not because I hate. Its because I usually stuff myself during my main meals, therefore I have no need to snack in between. However, scones with jam and a cuppa tea for brekkie sounds lovely to me!

panda said...

mademoiselle delicieuse - i find i'm constantly thinking about when the next afternoon tea is! like you say, it's ever so relaxing and it's just a time where you don't have to worry about anything and watch the world just go by.

betty - the scones are quite big so go with an emptyish stomach. let me know what you think!

missklicious - exactly! but unfortunately i have to pick up the jogging, the weight is piling on and i only have myself to blame :(

amy - i'm the opposite. i tend to eat just enough at the main meals so that i can squeeze in all those extra meals during the day like afternoon tea :) probably not such a good thing!