Wednesday, 17 March 2010

ozeki @ victoria ave, chatswood

On a particularly hungry Sunday night, the boy and I made our way over to Chatswood to try out Ozeki;  a reasonably new sushi train addition to Chatswood, just outside Chatswood Chase. Here it's $3.00 for each plate of sushi which places it in the middle between Saguna/Sushi Train (who both have $2.50 plates) and Makoto (who forever have the queues lining outside the door but actually don't have a set price for all plates; all plates are as priced). Who would've thought that there would be such demand for sushi trains in the one suburb but I'm very clearly proven wrong!

I actually don't have a whole lot of photos from the night as I was busily eating away but do read Madame Delicieuse's post for a fab review plus plenty of photos. I agree with her that the rice is firmly packed and you're eating quite a bit of rice (which does mean less plates but also means that you don't get round to trying as many dishes which I think is a bit of a bummer). Though I admit, eating less is probably a bit better for my belly!

The boy and I do insist on a fair share of all plates!

A tempura udon is a nice addition for a hungry J. Sushi alone often doesn't fill him up. The prawns are huge in comparison to the bowl of udon! The tempura batter actually isn't too soggy either which is a bonus.

Our plates (from memory, there were another two sitting to the side) and here's a pic of one of my favourite sushi's of all time - a combo of salmon, rice, seared scallop and a mayo dressing.

There's a good mix of sushi and sashimi on this sushi train, each neatly presented and ever so tempting to eat. It's great when you have a set price for all plates; it just means that you don't have to spend time working out how much each place costs and how much you've spent.  As long as you know your 3x table here, you should do pretty ok. Our bill came in just under $60 and had we known that they had a reward system going (1 stamp for every $10 spent. Every 10 stamps then earns you a $10 discount off your next meal), we would most certainly have ordered that extra plate! time!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Awww...thanks for the link, Panda =) Although it must be said that that post is not the most flattering one I've written about a place to date!

AY said...

ah! the sushi train where maccas used to be such a long time ago. it's a bit out of the way to get to i think but will definitely go give it try especially given that $10 discount thing :)

Belle@Ooh, Look said...

It definitely looks promising. $60 is good value for so much food - was it just the 2 of you (not being rude, I'd probably eat that much on my own!).

vincent said...


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Anonymous said...

Hey superstar! :) Guess what? I finalllyyyy linkd you on my blog. like, I owed you this for forever since I heart your blog.

I'm always up for a resturant review so i know where to go/not go when I'm there.

panda said...

mademoiselle delicieuse - i love reading your posts and i think you did a rather good job with your post on ozeki :)

ay - there was a maccas there? well i'd been reading about the place for ages and it took me awhile to make my way over there. hope you get round to trying it and look forward to reading your review.

belle - yep, the $60 was for the two of us and haha...i know what you mean, there's days where i could easily eat $60 worth of sushi on my own!

vincent - thanks vincent. I'll definitely check out the website.

panda said...

vickys - thanks for the link! i heart your blog too :) and glad you find the restaurant reviews helpful :)