Monday, 17 May 2010

provence garden cafe @ west parade, eastwood (revisited)

It's been a good while but J&I are back in search of the perfect burger. Yes, I know they're not very good for you and should be eaten in moderation but we do eat in moderation and to be honest, a lot of places actually make a rather wholesome burger. Oh - the chips that go generally go with a burger are probably not very good either but I stress, the boy and I, we eat in moderation so it's ok.

Here we find ourselves on a Sunday afternoon revisiting Provence Cafe in Eastwood. The last time we came here, we came late in the afternoon for coffee and cake. This time it was lunch and a rather big one too!

This photo amuses me because J looks like he's drinking the Iced Coffee through his nose!

J's beef burger topped with bacon and egg. Just wait till you see the next photo...

Here's the beef burger chopped in half. Not sure how he managed to fit this in his mouth but he did.

In comparison, my chicken burger looks rather small.

Both of us were contentedly full - J seemed rather impressed with his burger. Oh, and the boy bought a bonzai whilst we were waiting for lunch. In case you didn't know, Provence Cafe not only serve food but they also sell bonzais. Bonzais are rather pretty and you might be tempted to buy one too. Out of the three times I've been to this cafe, twice I've left with someone that has bought a bonzai. I daresay that next time I'm there, I'll be buying one too!


Maria said...

Lovely to see your blog! Looking forward to meeting you at yumcha next month :D

missklicious said...

That's one massive burger!

Loving all the cafe posts too - I don't think I've actually been to one in Sydney the whole time I've been living here!

panda said...

maria - thanks for stopping by my blog. look forward to meeting you too!

missklicious - the boy doesn't think it's that massive though :) i actually love cafes so you'll probably see more than your average share of cafe posts on this blog :P

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Love a good burger, esp when it's got a juicy patty balanced out with some crunch salad. Like you said, all about balance and moderation!

mashi said...

J's burger looks amazing and quite wholesome too. Should definitely pay this cafe a visit soon x

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