Saturday, 15 May 2010

vogue cafe @ lvl 2, macquarie centre

All the places I've been eating at recently seem to be within a 15km radius from my house. Actually, the boy prefers it if we can actually walk to the place because he doesn't like driving but the main reason, well, he's busy studying for his last lot of exams. I don't have any exams but until the boy is finished, I'm there with him. It's not too bad; cooking aside, I love to read so it's just as easy for me to pull up a novel and sit next to him and do my own reading. Somethings I even pull out a cookbook and read that!

Well, in sticking to eating locally, we've discovered a few new places. These places probably have been around for awhile but it's only recently that we've decided to eat more locally that we noticed that they exist. Vogue Cafe at Macquarie Centre is one of those places; just tucked in the corner of Level 2 outside Myer. 

A mixed berry smoothie for me and a chocolate milkshake for the boy.

Plenty of magazines and newspapers to read! I got myself comfortable with the latest copy of Real Living; I love this mag!! 

J's humungous (is that how you spell it?) chicken schnitzel with bacon and cheese burger with ever-so-crunchy-but-soft-inside wedges. The burger was probably a bit too much for me but I was happy to pick away at the wedges. J thought this meal was just the right size for him.

Here's my smoked salmon, avocado, capers and onion on a slice of sour dough toast. There's an option for 2 slices of toast but I wasn't that hungry and ordering the smoothie, it was just the right amount (well of course, with a few of J's wedges).

Prices here are a tad expensive but I mean I wouldn't call franchise cafes like the The Coffee Club cheap either. If anything, you'll get much more flavoursome food here than you would at a franchise and the serving size is probably a bit more generous. Service here is attentive and where this cafe is positioned in Mac centre, it certainly offers a bit more peace and quiet.


joey@FoodiePop said...

Macquarie Centre! Haven't been there for a loooong time. Used to be my haunt but not now that I'm so far away. Can't say I've really liked the various food offerings there though.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

That chicken schnitzel burger is HUUUGE! Definitely boy-sized =p

panda said...

joey - mac centre is like my default hangout; you'll probably see me there if you go. but yeah, not a whole lot food choices there but still ok when you're looking to grab a quick bite.

mademoiselle delicieuse - everything the boy is eating lately is huge! i get full just looking at it but then he's the one trying to put on some weight, lucky him!